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Women who kill their Children Should not Be Charged??

Claire Raynor has just said something on Breakfast TV on BBC1 at
approx 10:30am that women who kill their children should never even go to
court because "they don't deserve to be there." that astounded and
horrified me.

Apparently, child killing is now a hormonal imbalance and not a crime.

Would the same apply to men who kill their kids?

I am sorry but that is insanity. We cannot go down this road. The
woman in question was released from prison when new evidence appeared and the
court was satisfied that she was not guilty. The system worked! What if she
was a cold blooded killer of kids though? What if she was another Rose
West? Would we let her walk free because her hormones were upset?

Such views are dangerous, emotionally inspired nonsense and have no
place within police investigations into child murder. Clair Raynor needs to
step down and retire. I think she is rapidly losing her reasoning capacity
if she thinks in this way.

I cannot tell you how appalled I was to hear such views pass by
unchallenged by the breakfast show presenters. What the hell is going
on here?

We have already had women who have brutally murdered their husbands
walking free from prison by using the "Abuse Excuse." The dead husband cannot
defend himself against such accusations.

We are rapidly developing a three tier legal system in this country.
One tier is for the rich. One tier is for women and one tier is for men.
Any man who kills his wife cannot use the abuse defense because the courts
will not accept he was abused and sadly, the police and press often will not
do so either. Now we have women's advocates such as Claire Raynor saying
that child murder is acceptable for women because of "hormones." I wonder if she
would also say that men who kill should not go to prison because of

This is dangerous and anyone who truly believes it is not, is a
little strange in the head!

Please BBC. Stop allowing these views to go unchecked. They are some
of the greatest hate crimes being perpetrated in this country and, because
they are being delivered in the soft tones of women, we are letting them slide

This is NOT right!

George Rolph
Web Master. man2man
Vice Chaiman of Mens Aid
Memeber and south east co-ordinator for "ManKind"


Claire Raynor is Britain's best-known advice and medical expert. She originally trained as a nurse at the Royal Northern Hospital, London  Today, Claire is constantly in demand to speak at professional symposia, women's organisations, medical conferences and child care organisations. She also sits on a number of medical and welfare boards and committees.

In 1996 New Year's Honours list Claire was awarded an OBE, the citation reading "For services to women's issues and to health issues". She currently lives in North London

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