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What Sin?   (Forgiving Yourself)

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"I deserved it"  "I am being punished for my sin"  "I am worthless"
How many times have we heard this from those who are "victims" of
abuse?  How many times have you said it?
I have find this thought process going on not only with us, but with
the person being abused and GOD.  They think GOD can not forgive them
when in reality, there is no need for forgiveness because they did
not do anything wrong.  This is especially true for children who have
been abused. I sure know I did not "ask" to be kidnapped. Oh, I was
not smart for getting into a strangers car, but this was long before
all the warns to stay away from strangers.  I certainly did not ask
for what was to follow.
There are others here that may be reading this. You may even have
been...the abuser.
I am presently working on a way to travel over 250 miles to see
someone that was the abuser.  He is presently in jail, charged with
murder. He is asking for the death penalty.  I do not know the
situation that occurred that led up to this horrible crime.  There is
no excuse other then self defense to take another's life but this
person did take three lives.  His life had always been hard.  It was
never easy but there is still no excuse to abuse another but my
friends, when people turn to drugs and alcohol, anything can happen.
Even if I am successful in the reason I want to see this young man, I
know there is very good chance he will pay the ultimate price for his
sin.  Still, I do want to let him know he can have forgiveness from
the one that he needs it from the most.
I know some of you will be saying Wait a moment...he does not deserve
it. He should rot in hell.   I can understand your feelings but if he
can not be forgiven, neither can I.
GOD's love far exceeds our worse of sins.  In fact, there is only ONE
sin HE can not forgive...rejecting Jesus Christ up to and including
the time of our death.  There is one huge problem with delaying
accepting the price Jesus paid for our sin.  We never know when we
will meet HIM face to face.  Even if we did, we are told that the
LORD's spirit will not always strive with us.  We can say NO one too
many times.  GOD will then turn us over to having a reprobate mind.
This message is not about those who do not care.  It is for you who
do care. It is for those that are not able to forgive themselves even
though there is nothing you have done wrong to need forgiveness.
It is for those who have asked Jesus Christ to save them, to those
who have called upon HIS name for salvation yet you still have
doubts, you still think you need to be punished.
I have talked to many of you. You have told me you need to be
punished for your sin.  You tell me you cut yourself, some burn
themselves, some may even have thought about seriously mutilating
themselves to get rid of the offending body part, often citing the
scriptures that say if your eye offends thee pluck it out or if your
hand offends thee, cut it off. It is better to enter into heaven
maimed then to go to hell with all your body parts.
LISTEN....this does NOT in any way tell us do literally do this. It
is telling us how horrible hell is.  The fact is that even those who
are not physically "whole" now will be when they enter heaven.  The
lame will walk, the blind will see and the deaf will hear.  We will
all be given new bodies that will never decay.
If you are having problems with a particular sin (and I assure you
every last one of us will have a problem with at least one sin)
remember Hebrews 12:1 tells us
Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of
witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so
easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set
before us,
We can have victory over sin in our life now. (I will write a follow
up of this to show that our salvation comes in three tenses, past
present and future)  If you believe you are guilty, if you know you
have sinned, the first step is to take that first step to a better
relationship if you have never done it before.  This means that if
you have never trusted Jesus Christ for FULL payment for your sin…do
it now. You can find a simple way to  understand how to do this here:
If you have accepted Jesus as your savior as outlined in the link
above, and you have sinned, then use  1 John 1:9  "If we confess our
sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse
us from all unrighteousness"  This does not restore salvation, it
restores the JOY of His salvation.  If we were to ask what was the
worse sin Jesus can see in us after we do the above…. I assure you…
HIS answer would be WHAT SIN????
What Sin?
by: Morgan Cryar
It happened so long ago
And I cried out for mercy back then.
I plead the blood of Jesus
Begged him to forgive my sin.
But I still can't forget it
It just won't go away.
So I wept again, "Lord wash my sin,"
But this is all He'd say,
What sin, what sin?
Well that's as far away as the east is from the west.
What sin, what sin?
It was gone the very minute you confessed
Buried in the sea of forgetfulness.
The heaviest thing you'll carry
Is a load of guilt and shame.
You were never meant to bear them
So let them go in Jesus name.
Our God is slow to anger
Quick to forgive our sin
So let Him put them under the blood
Don't bring them up again.
Cause He'll just say,
What sin, what sin?
Well that's as far away as the east is from the west.
What sin, what sin?
It was gone the very minute you confessed
Buried in the sea of forgetfulness.
       Lord, please deliver me from my accusing memory.
       Nothing makes me weak this way, then when I hear you say,
What sin, what sin?
Well that's as far away as the east is from the west.
What sin, what sin?
It was gone the very minute you confessed
Buried in the sea of forgetfulness.
(c) 1995 Kata Dioko Music, ASCAP
My friend, if Jesus can see no sin in you…then….FORGIVE yourself
Please share this with any others that are not able to forgive
themselves.  The only "credit" we ask for is that it came from
Shattered Men.

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