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The hidden half of domestic violence

How to have eternal life


Lord, help me understand
why I feel so all alone
is there something I need to do
have I done something wrong

is there evil in my heart
that keeps me separated from Thee
or is there sin that is buried deep
that I refuse to set free

do I need to unbury it
and bring it to the light
for in the light the sin will die
and bring my closer to Thee

help me, Dear Father
to see the way
that you
want me to go

help me to dig
that hole real deep
help me to release it
to you

I give my life
completely to you
Please take it
and open it wide

sweep out
all the hate
sweep out
all the anger

sweep out
all the unforgiveness
sweep it clean, my Lord
and fill it with your Love

(copyright 03/2002 Sue Long all rights reserved)

This poem was written by a very dear friend of mine.  It is so simple, yet so profound.  Please, if you have not done so, ask the Lord to sweep the cobwebs out of your heart..

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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