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Child protection services 'sidelining fathers'
Ananova  [UK]
Monday 10th September 2001
Child protection services 'sidelining fathers'
Child protection services are putting youngsters at risk because they
often sideline fathers from discussions about the youngsters' futures.
A Government-funded study found that many fathers, particularly those
living separately from their families, were too often excluded from
planning their children's future.
Only one in three non-resident fathers was included in any child
protection consultation, it said which could lead to mothers losing out on
support, and children missing "vital" care from their fathers.
The study, entitled Working With Fathers, and published by the Department
of Health, found that many fathers were anxious to have more
responsibility for the protection of their children.
Only 38% of the 36,500 children whose families entered the child
protection process lived with both parents, compared to a national average
of 73%.
It also found that 57% of households referred to the child protection
system lack a wage-earner.
The report's author, Mary Ryan, said: "Non-abusive fathers, particularly
those who are non-resident, are often minimally involved by professionals
in the child protection process.
"Research shows how mothers can lose out on support and vulnerable
children miss out on vital care from their dads and their extended
"We know good fathering benefits children and that children speak of
missing their dads. Professionals need to adopt best practice which shows
how fathers can be involved very usefully."
Story filed: 00:23 Monday 10th September 2001
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