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Hi all,
I am asking prayer for my husband.  He says he is having problems with his heart.  I am asking prayer for him as he will not go to the doctors or hospital because I just became unemployed and we have little money.  He is, to my knowledge, not yet saved.  I have seen changes in him as of late but I do not know where his heart is now.  He hasn't been feeling well for the last couple of days now and we just moved into the house we are now living in.  Please pray for him, his name is Fred. Thank you and God bless

Answer 7/9

Hello everyone,
I want to thank you all for the prayers that you submitted yesterday for my Husband.  He seems to be doing much better today.  He was complaining of light headedness and dizziness yesterday and just felt funny.  This has occurred before when he was having heart problems about 7 years ago and since we have just moved into a new apartment during a tremendous heat wave I would suspect that he was taxing himself a bit too much.  He rested for 2 days and says he feels much better today.  Continue to pray for his spiritual health as well as I still do not know for sure where his heart lies.  Thank you again. God bless.

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