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The POWER of Prayer

This morning, I was engaged in spiritual warfare with a demon. This
demon has been attacking one of the members of our Shattered Men family and told me that it would destroy this person soon. When I told it that it did not have the power to do so, it told me that this person does not believe in eternal security. I told it that that did not matter because GOD does. God said HE would not lose ANY that came to HIM.

I then placed the prayer backup needed for an unspoken request and
the demon demanded that I remove it. Instead of removing it, I said
we would be sending this request to literally thousands and that
thousands of knees would be bowing before the throne by the end of
the day.

This was included when the prayer request went out to many across
the nation and across the world:

Let us enjoin our brother's prayers!! We are seeing more and more of
this, and yes, it is all to real. And may God guide and protect
each of you as you enjoin us with our prayers.
Yours in service,

I also said my sister would be engaging several groups for prayer.

When I called my sister to inform her of this prayer request, she
said that she and her husband both had a urge to pray for me...and
had been for 15 minutes, I had been locked in battle with this
demon...for 15 minutes when I called her.

please read .....we have many in the family of Shattered Men that
are under attack. Many have major medical problems including several
with life threatening cancers, and some have been under attack with
suicidal ideations, doubt and other forms of attack.

WE need to remember to keep each other bathed in prayer. We need
intercessors to stand in the gap for this ministry and those it has
been able to help.


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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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