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Parental Alienation

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Parental alienation is any behavior by a parent, a child's mother or father, whether conscious or unconscious, that could create alienation in the relationship between a child and the other parent. Parental alienation can be mild and temporary or extreme and ongoing. Most researchers believe that any alienation of a child against (the child's) other parent is harmful to the child and to the target parent.

Forms of parental alienation include:-

character assassination
the false inducement of fear
incitement of shame,
using children to commit relational aggression against the target
loss of self control,
flareups of anger,
unconscious alliances with the children against the target parent.
deliberate denigration of the children's relationship with the
target parent.

Parents so alienated often suffer heartbreaking loss of their children through no fault of their own. In addition, they often face false accusations from their alienated children that they cannot counter with the facts. Finally, they often find themselves powerless to show that this little-known form of cruel, covert, and cunning aggression is occurring or has occurred.

This definition is different from Parental Alienation Syndrome as originally coined by Dr. Richard Gardner in 1987

Not everyone accepts that Parental Alienation is real. The feminist slanted Leadership Council on Child Abuse states this on their website:

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is one such theory. This unsophisticated, pseudoscientific theory explains a child's estrangement from one parent or allegations of abuse at the hands of one parent by blaming the other.

Stop Family Violence Org is another organization which denies PAS occurs. There use of the NOW LEGAL DEFENSE AND EDUCATION FUND for information shows it is actually a front organization for radical feminist.

"Parental Alienation is a discredited, pseudo-psychological theory whose application in custody determinations has caused great harm to children

It seems that all of those that deny that PAS is real also deny a condition called Munchhausen by proxy exists. This is a situation whereby an adult will make a child sick for their own personal gain. Often it is simply to get attention for themselves.

Is it not odd that most all of the organizations that deny PAS also deny MBP? Actually it is not a coincidence when we consider that almost all of these organizations are feminist organizations. Both PAS and MBP have one common element. It is mostly mothers that
engage in them. Radical feminist will not hold women accountable for their own actions because they need to make victims out of them. It is not their fault for anything they do.

PAS is not new. Although most all PAS is by mothers, fathers can and do it a lot too. Sometimes it is not even a parent or a relative that does it. The first ever recorded incident of PAS took place in a garden. This garden was called Eden.

When GOD created humans, HE intended to be the Father of all humans. He wanted a close intimate relationship with each of us. The problem came when satan entered and caused doubt in the minds of HIS children, Adam and Eve when they were told that GOD wanted to withhold things from them and that GOD lied to them. We see many of
the same things listed above under forms of parental alienation. 

We also find many of the same causes for PAS in the Garden. Just as one parent may be jealous of the relationship the other parent has with their children, satan was jealous also. Just as one parent will often resort to PAS because it is the best way to hurt the other parent, satan also realizes that this is not only the best way to hurt is actually the only way he can hurt HIM.

Just as in PAS in our society today there are often grave consequences, there was extremely grave consequences in the Garden. PAS will often cause eviction from the family home our children have enjoyed. PAS caused the eviction of Adam and Eve from a paradise.
PAS often alienates children from a parent that may love them more then anything in the world. I can also be passed on to grandchildren. PAS did alienate Adam and Eve and all humans afterward from the FATHER.

Although there are several other examples of PAS in the Bible most notably Jacob and Esau when Rebecca used PAS to steal Esau's birthright and have it given to her favorite son, Jacob, I want to conclude this message by not only telling you about the problem of
PAS...but to bring real solutions too.

The best and actually the only solution to PAS then as it is now is TRUTH. Often it is our children that have to seek the truth to find out why they were separated from one of their parents. Sometimes this comes such from outside sources such as Dr. Laura suggesting a
woman who was separated from their father to ask her father what happened. It can also happen when someone starts seeking the truth as to what really happen.

Many who have been alienated from their children have been reunited with them later in life. Unfortunately, many have not been.

As I said, all of us have been alienated by satan's use of PAS to alienate us from GOD. Those who start to seek the truth will most always be reunited with HIM and a Father/child relationship will be reestablished. Since satan is still at work with his PAS, many will
keep on believing his lies and not realize that he is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. GOD on the other hand is TRUTH and HE can not lie. Just as a parent who has been the victim of PAS and have been separated from their children will long to be reunited with them, GOD wants to be reunited with you too. HE went to extraordinary lengths to reestablish a relationship. Since we essentially declared our liberation from Him, HE has actually had to redeem us and declare HE is ready to adopt us as our Father. This
redemption came through Jesus Christ.

Just as often all it takes for a child to be reunited with a parent who was separated from them by the use of PAS is a simple letter or phone call and saying..."dad, mom....let's talk...." GOD is only a whisper away. HE is waiting my friend....waiting for YOU to make the first step...then just as most parents that have been alienated from their children would travel across the country to be reunited with their children.....GOD will come all the way from heaven with arms open wide...and HE has promised...that if any seek HIM....HE
will in no way cast them out.

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