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(note this name was changed to protect her husband's privacy)

You know I was talking to my husband about this list and what I have learned and he told me something I didn't know and his Mom and best friend backed up the incident.
My husband, yes suffers from alcoholism, yet he has not been violent in fact when he drinks he becomes more compliant and meek. Well his first wife had decided to "get him back for drinking" so one morning he was awakened by the police standing at his bed to arrest him for domestic violence. The kicker is that his wife was in the kitchen baking muffins (nice manipulation) and had not one single sign of abuse nor was there any sign of a fight or struggle in their home, everything was in its place. She claimed it happened the night before, she was never questioned as to why she waited until the following morning when he was sleeping and obviously no danger to her nor was she asked why if she was so afraid and hurt was she dressed and baking before calling the police??? He was taken from the home still half asleep and totally lost as to why he was being arrested, they wouldn't answer any of his questions. He was charged with disorderly conduct (probably because they couldn't prove any domestic...because there wasn't any) and forced to take domestic abuse classes and pay a fine and not return home. She was allowed to give him what she thought he should have which amounted to one fork, one knife, one spoon, one plate, one glass and his radio and cd's and 2 changes of clothes. The courts of course never said a word about this and to this day she is listing him as the responsible party when she goes for medical care but will the courts help?? Nope of course not because he is now labeled "an abuser" and in the eyes of the courts that makes him so evil he should have no rights ever again. So thanks to her we now are unable to buy a home, the banks don't care about our story they just see the unpaid bills and that's that. So not only are the men affected but also me being the second wife and our children are as well. All I can say is thank the good Lord they didn't have children or our nightmare would be even worse.

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