How Does It FEEL??? 

This morning, a father that has not been able to see his children while knowing that they are living with an abuser posted a message in Shattered Men.  Unfortunately, this is not unusual. I have personally seen hundreds of messages just like this. In reality, there are hundreds of thousands of fathers and thousands of mothers just like this.  It even happened to my own nephew as he found that his daughter was murdered by a know child molester his ex had living with her.  You can read about that here:

 As I was reading the message from this father this morning, I wanted to find some why to give you a picture of what it is like for these loving fathers and mothers we described above.  I want you to be able to feel what they must be feeling.

Just think for a moment. You are a firefighter and the alarm goes off. You get your turnout gear on as quickly possible as the garage doors are opening and the engine is revving up. In only a moment, the truck is on its way, siren alert everyone to get out of the way...someone needs help. As you move down the crowed streets, some cars pull over to the side to let you pass but others just keep on going and you think:  “Don’t’ they care?”  Perhaps they are simply oblivious to what is going on around them, like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.

You are a few blocks away and you can see smoke filling the sky. You know it is a working fire, not just another false alarm. The truck stops and you can see flames coming out of several windows. Just then your eyes catch a glimpse of
something in another window and your heart stops.... you see several children screaming for help. They cannot get out because the window has burglar bars on it. You also realize that very room is on fire but.... You cannot get in either because the same bars that were intended to protect them now entrap them.  

You think of your own kids now safe at home sleeping in their beds as the screams stop.... and you know why...

Even if you can manage to pull these bars off and rescue these precious children, they will often be scared for life as they remember the event or worse...they have to deal with damaged lungs and scars from smoke and

The same bars that were intended to protect them.... Child Protective
Services.... now ENTRAPS them. They get loving fathers and sometimes mothers that will protect them out of the home so those that will harm then can often move in.  I have personally met one mother and father that have lost ten children to this system. I know they were not abusive to their children

 Their story is here:'s%20Prayer.htm

Enter the family court system which compounds it because if it were as the picture above, they would insist the burglar alarms be protect the children.

Let me add to this picture a little more. After the fire is out the Fire Inspector may well find that the children were left alone or that the fire was started by an adult’s carelessness or.... as does happen once in a while...willfully set.  Still many times in the situation our fathers face, nothing will be done.

My friend that is how I feel so often when listening to our people. More important...this is how our dads feel when their children are turned over to those whom they know are their abusers

Often all I can do is let our hurting men and women know that someone does care. Someone does understand how they feel and that although we may not be able to "do" anything, we can point to ONE who can comfort them...and ONE who will eventually render justice.

As a pastor and as the Director of Shattered Men it is my earnest prayer that we
 can put feet to our prayers God will send even more here that can help us DO something to get these bars off the windows so we can rescue our children.

 My friend, if you are one of these fathers and you have raised the white flag of surrender and have given up, may I suggest a better course of action…become….A Formidable Enemy

In closing this I would also like to suggest that there may be another reason that there is so much injustice to our fathers…a much more sinister reason a hidden agenda which you can read here:

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