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The "new" feminism-inspired definition of rape is nothing more than a clever legalistic tool to use sex to further two feminist objectives, gaining political power and destroying the traditional male-headed family. According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report for just one year, there were 109,060 total reported allegations of rape in the US. But, in that same year according to the report, in almost 71% of the cases (77,244), no arrest was made because the allegations were determined to be unfounded (even under the newer rape definitions).

Among those arrested, 34% or 11,154 individuals (10.2% of the total 109,060 allegations) were later released due to insufficient evidence or acquittal (still under the "new" feminist-inspired definition of rape). Adding this 11,154 to the 77,255 who were never even arrested boosts the total number of false rape allegations for that year to 88,409. Thus, in one year alone, 88,409 men (81% of total allegations) were falsely accused of rape by women who, in violation of both statute law and the most basic precepts of Jewish, Christian and Muslim law, bore false witness against other human beings. 

The fact that four out of five rape allegations in the United States are false is evidence that there is something very sinister going on under the current pro-feminist climate. 

There are two ways to do violence to another human being. One can initiate the violence directly, one person against another, or one can do it indirectly through use of a third party or other institution. Direct aggressive violence is more commonly associated with male behavior while indirect violence has long been the preferred female tool. A female is far more likely to hire a third party to kill someone than a male. 

Just as the terrorist's bomb does violence to innocent people to further the selfish political aims of a few, feminism perpetrates violence of a different sort, and does so in an indirect way. But both the terrorist's bomb and the feminist's use of our corrupt legal system are violent means to achieve their social and political ends. The feminist objectives are two-fold, the shifting of power from males to females and the destruction of the traditional male-headed family.

Feminism is violent, not only because false accusations do violence to any individual falsely accused, but because of the failure of the legal system to prosecute those females who knowingly file false accusations. The false allegations, which do more damage than most of the alleged rapes themselves, are in themselves acts of outright violence.

If feminism was not so effective at protecting the unscrupulous women filing these charges, those who misuse our political and criminal processes would be where they couldn't practice their foul deeds. Rather than a prison population consisting primarily of men, there would be more women in prison than men, and society would be vastly better off for it, not because there would be so many women in prison, but because there COULD and should be so many fewer men.

The FBI's study of the DNA evidence of men in prison for rape proved that one third of them were not even the perpetrator. This is irrefutable scientific evidence of the innocence of men who have been victims of over-prosecution for rape by a criminally corrupt legal system that somehow sees no reason to prosecute the 1,028,800 females who filed false accusations of rape in the last decade. Consider these figures for reports of rape from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report for just one year: 

Total Reported Allegations 109,060 100%
Unfounded Reports 77,255 70.8%
Arrests 32,805 30.0%

Of those arrested:
Insufficient evidence or acquittal 11,154 10.2%
Number incarcerated 18,840 17.3%

Of those incarcerated:
DNA mismatch 6,180 5.7%
DNA matched 12,660 16.1%
DNA matched but possibly innocent 6,180 5.7%
Highest probability of guilt 6,180 5.7%

Potentially false allegations 102,880 94.3%

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