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Billy's Story

I am a father to 9 kids. I have had 7 living with me for the last
month and a half. I have been repeatedly abused verbally by my ex
wife. She is very manipulative, knifing, lying, snake. She is only
concerned for herself and for what benefits and money she can get due
to kids.

The divorce took 3 yrs and finally just gave in. Well on the 4th of
September I had my 3 children dropped off at my house by ex wife
brother. She had gotten into another domestic assault and the children
witnessed it. They are abused and have had to suffer mentally,
emotionally, physically, and educationally. You think with that I
would have a clear shot of helping them. However, I have lost. I
lost them. I was unable to have the assistance I needed in court to
ensure that things went accordingly.

These children have begged to stay with myself. They have expressed
that to GAL and to DCFS worker. However, the mother pleaded the
victim roll, lied, and still got away with it even after tripped her
up in front of judge.

SO briefly that is my story. Right now I am totally devastated that
this has happened. That they have been let down again. That they had
to endure more abuse. They were living here. In school. Doing so
well. Grades came up significantly, they were getting sparkle back in
eyes. they were coming out of their shells. I had all their medical
updated, dental was working on and counseling appts. Now none of that
has to be kept by her.

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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