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What ME Worry? (From my heart to yours)

From talking to many people, I find that many are worried about tomorrow. They
are worried about gas prices, the price of food, their jobs and so many other
things. I have often reminded them that worry is a failure to trust in our
LORD and as such, it is actually sin. I have told them that I know it is easy
to worry like this....many great men in the Bible did it. In reality, I think I
have seldom worried about very many things but I have found myself worrying in
the past week so much more.

Most of you know I have had a bilateral total knee replacement. (this means
that both knees have been replaced) As a result, I have not worked since the
beginning of this year. I will be going back to work tomorrow (Monday April
23rd). Since I have been informed several weeks ago that my old job, one that
I had for 20 years will not be available. As a result, my return to work was
delayed by 2 or 3 weeks as I know what was expected of me. but I do not know
what I will be doing now. The doctor also wanted me to have light duty for a
few more weeks but I was told it has to be full duty without restrictions or I
could not go back.

I have to admit, I have been worried about this for several days and my worrying
about this is still....SIN!

When I look back over my life, I can NOT find even ONE time where my LORD has
failed me but I can find hundreds of times where I have failed HIM!. I can see
miracle after miracle in my life yet I still have doubts. The question then is
"how many miracles does the LORD have to do before I really trust HIM? How
many promises does HE have to make....promises for which HE has assured me that
HE will do. I think of Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think
toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an
expected end."

I also look back at a time when I was telling patients about the LORD when one
of the nurses said they were afraid for my she thought it could get me
fired. I said with all my heart that night that my job belonged to the LORD and
HE could have it back anytime HE wanted it because I know HE would have
something better in store for me. I failed to remember that recently!

I also think of the two months I spent at Edgewater Woods and the miracles I saw
there and how it was only because GOD closed the door on one place to open it at
Edgewater. Why then do I doubt for even a moment that GOD can and will do it
again and that it could be for another "For such a time as this" that I will not
going back to the same job.

My LORD, I am sorry for doubting YOU and not trusting you fully. Forgive me for
this doubt. and let my life shine for YOU You have never called anyone to a
job that YOU did not enable them to do. I know YOU have a plan for me in this
new job and even if satan stole my old job from me.....YOU will use it for
good. LORD I have often said that I do not want to tell people that Jesus is
the answer...I want to SHOW them and yet.....I failed to do this by trusting YOU
in my own life!

LORD, I empty myself of ME...and ask YOU to fill me with YOUR presences so those
around me tomorrow will see JESUS in me and that my life would entice them to
want want they see in me. How many more miracles do YOU still have to do for me
to believe YOU my LORD? I pray the answer from this day on will be NONE!

So Faithful So faithful, you've been so faithful to me
Each new morning, brand new mercies You've been so faithful to me.

My friends, if you do not know my JESUS...I ask you to look beyond MY fault to
reveal HIM as I should and ask JESUS yourself if HE is true....if HE will do for
you what HE has done for so many others.....Here is how to do it:

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