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In Memoriam -- Wilbur Street

Wilbur Streett was one of OUR family here in Shattered Men. He did not post because he was DOING something about the injustice in our society in the manor our country has set up to address legitimate  grievances. How many more "Wilbur Streets" will their need to be?
Perhaps as long as they are "Wilbur" and not Wilma's few will care. We need to start doing start letting others know that  we know about the Wilbur's and we want redress to the injustice. If we got a Wilbur's Act, this man would not have died in vain.

How many more will have to die before we listen to BOTH sides?


I first met Wilbur several years ago, before the first
time the goons of the New Jersey family court circus
beat him up over a totally bogus child support arrest
warrant. Wilbur had been paying according to the
terms of a court order, but the goons of the New
Jersey child support office demanded that he pay
a different way. When Wilbur continued to pay
according to the court order, they refused to credit
the payments, declared him in arrears, and got a
rubber stamp arrest warrant issued. When they
came to his door and Wilbur asked what this was
about, the deputies simply pushed in his door and
assaulted him, right in front of his daughter, who
was also there.

I still have a haunting picture of Wilbur taken shortly
after his release a few days later. He had a black
eye and bruises all over his face. They claimed that
Wilbur "resisted arrest", but Wilbur was a strapping
six footer with a black belt in martial arts in perfect
health (at that time), and if he had resisted arrest
the most likely result is that none of the deputies
would have walked away from it. But none of the
deputies were injured at all, only Wilbur. As I recall
that was on a Wednesday. Wilbur was released on
the next Saturday after the child support agency
admitted that he didn't owe any money.

Things went from bad to worse after that as the
deputies lied their ass off to cover up their assault,
and the child support agency colluded with the
courts to concoct more bogus arrearages to
continually issue more bogus arrest warrants
despite the fact that Wilbur had never in his life
failed to appear in court on any summons, and to
my knowledge was never behind in child support
until the continual legalistic assaults of the goons
destroyed his ability to make a living.

I helped bail Wilbur out a couple of times, and
talked to his wife and his parents several times.
Understandably they were quite distressed at the
situation as Wilbur became locked in conflict
with these goons, who were obviously trying to
simply "bury" Wilbur under a mountain of legalistic
cow poop. I tried to encourage Wilbur to find a
way to de-escalate the conflict, and I think Wilbur
tried his best do do that, although he had a strong
idealistic streak in him about the Constitution and
what ought to be a seamless majesty of law and
justice in the courts that made it hard for him to
compromise with what he perceived as absolute
evil and corruption. His mother who had lived
under the Nazis in WWII said this reminded
her of that, and she was shocked that this was
happening in America.

At a certain point his second wife bailed out on
him, saying, "I just can't take it any more." To
an extent that is understandable, but she went
too far when she apparently got mixed up with
radical feminist types who encouraged her to
file bogus restraining orders, etc. Through it all,
Wilbur tried his best to maintain contact with
his daughter from his first marriage, who wanted
to live with Wilbur instead of her mother (I have
emails from her to prove this). It's a classic case
of the anti-father bigotry and ignorance, and the
sheer brutality of the family court circus and the
child support gestapo destroying a second family
after it destroyed the first. These goons could
care less that both mothers and the children are
worse off after they destroyed Wilbur, because
all the goons really care about is keeping federal
money flowing from misguided federal subsidies
and incentives that fuel the War on Fathers.

There have been many casualties in the War on
Fathers, many of them horror stories at least as
bad as what happened to Wilbur, such as Brian
Armstrong who was beaten to death in a New
Hamphire jail by the child support gestapo, a
crime that "the system" covered up. Wilbur did
his best to seek justice for Brian (which never
came), console his family, and keep his memory
alive. We will do the same for Wilbur.

One of the best ideas that I've seen would be to
demand a federal "Wilbur's Law" that probibits
imprisonment for child support debt, and bans
warrents for arrest or seizure of property "except
upon probable cause" (does anyone remember
the 4th Amendment?). The worst abuse of the
child support gestapo in Wilbur's final arrest is
that they had to know or should have known of
Wilbur's deteriorating medical condition, and
that therefore any arrearage at that time could
not have been because of contempt of court,
and therefore whoever signed that warrant was
guilty of reckless disregard for the truth and/or
malicious and gross negligence causing wrongful
death. They also knew or should have known
enough about Wilbur's character by that time, to
know that if they had simply issued a subpoena,
that there is not the slightest chance that Wilbur
would not have appeared in court if he could
possibly have made it. If anyone was guilty of
contempt of court here, it was the judge who
signed the bogus final warrant that the goons of
the child support gestapo churned out. If that
judge and those goons had a tenth of the regard
for the Constitution and due process that Wilbur
had, they should now arrest themselves and stay
in jail until they purge their souls of their contempt
for the Constitution and due process that Wilbur
fought for to his last breath.

Wilbur's spirit was like a blazing star in the fight
for truth and justice that passed from us too soon.
Wilbur's fighting spirit will never die, but lives on
in the memories of those who knew him, and can
only re-double our determination to fight on to
inevitable final victory in the cause for which he
gave the last full measure of devotion. He's gone
to be with the others in a better place now. But
the next time I see a comet in the night sky, I'll
know that it was sent to remind us of a spirit
that those who knew Wilbur can never forget.

David A. Roberts

This is what Stephen Baskerville wrote about Wilbur Street:

I knew Wilbur Streett personally from his occasional visits to
Washington and from many phone conversations. Our relationship was mostly business, by necessity, but naturally I did glimpse some of his personal life. I knew that he dearly loved his children, not because he said so (anyone can say so), but because of the brutality he endured for their sake at the hands of the authorities. It always amazes me how people can make easy assumptions about men's lack of feeling for their children because, for the most part, men don't talk about their love or tell other people about it or cry about
it. They just put their lives on the line.

In his political work on behalf of others, Wilbur likewise proved his
dedication not only with words but with deeds. He publicly confronted the Vice President of the United States, who was playing fast and loose with some facts in a speech here in Washington. Wilbur faced down Al Gore and won the exchange by having the facts at hand and telling the truth. In doing so, he anticipated precisely the kind of
actions that are now being undertaken on a larger scale in Britain,
with the result that the divorce industry is now on the defensive in the national media of that country, and leaders of the major parties are calling for reform. Where might we be in this country if we had more fathers of the courage of Wilbur Streett?

I remember another incident during the same weekend when Wilbur
challenged Vice President Gore. It was at conference of the National Fatherhood Initiative, which was taking place on Capitol Hill. Cathy Young's cover story, "The Sadness of the American Father," had just come out in The American Spectator. Very few people knew about it, even at a major "fatherhood" conference. I had a copy and was showing it around, but Wilbur immediately went over to the B. Dalton bookstore in Union Station, bought every copy off the shelf, and began distributing it to the top people at the conference.  That was typical of his willingness to do what had to be done.

Wilbur had an unpretentious exterior that disguised a sharp
intellect. He was one of the few who recognized how critical the death of Brian Armstrong was. Along with Bob Burk, another fallen hero, he worked tireless to expose the truth behind Armstrong's brutal death, to ensure that he did not die in vain. We all owe the same to Bob and Wilbur.

Stephen Baskerville

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