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Often those that are burdened with a particular ministry are given "lip service" because it does not meet the often "politically correct" agenda of the church. Yes, the church has them too. Often our churches have bought into the lies our society has been given. As a result, we often put the cart before the horse and ignored half our population:

American churches are becoming feminized, and that is turning men off in droves, says the director of the National Coalition of Men's Ministries

There is so much more I could say, but much of it is said on this web site and in the interactive club it leads to. This ministry in the short time it has existed..with literally no backing from any "church" has literally saved at least 10 lives as of this time. A few of them did not know the Lord at the time. We have also seen some delivered from literal demon possession. (One man turned to satan because no one would believe him. He is free and serving the Lord now because some one finally did.

This would never have happened had I followed the advise of one of the pastors to not be on the internet more then about an hour a day. Although my wife is still not saved, she is supporting this ministry and trying to free up time for me to do it. She is even looking for office space in town for this ministry and said she would be there to help. I know she is seeing the Lord at work in this ministry and it does feel good to have her support..even if the church does not.


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If we, as a church body were to involve ourselves more with the community, 

what areas would you suggest?

The Bible tells us the husband should be the head of the home yet we focus on so many other things. We do not reach out to the men in the community. I have been researching the ministries of many churches. The vast majority of outreach is geared toward women. Few are directed at the men in the community. We need to teach men how to be the head of the house but I have seen so often that even if this is addressed, it is often a subtle way of demonizing men even further. I feel most men even in our church already have a low self esteem to begin with, yet most of the sermons I have heard on the Christian home only blast men more but do not focus on the abuse many of our men face in their own homes.

Most of us have gotten our view of what God is like from our fathers. Does it make sense to ignore the needs of men in the community and not reach out to the real concerns they have so they can become better dads without making them feel rejected further?

I know this will not make me popular there..but hey..I was not popular to begin with...but I KNOW for the first time in my life...I can finally look forward to My LORD saying ...Well done... and that is what I want to hear. HIS...well done...not mans....



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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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