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Below is a newsletter I get. Please read it through. I think he
has some important things to say about us and the world events
as they are unfolding at this time. He keeps very close tabs on
events in the middle east and that is where the action is going
to be, this is where prophecy is unfolding. We need to be like
the watchman on the wall, keep our eyes and ears focused and be
prepared. Each day we are a little closer to the end. Are you
ready? If you aren't fishing already, is your gear in good
order? We don't know how much time we have left, so the time is
now. I was talking to my daughter about this on the phone just a
bit ago. She commented that she hadn't noticed a big
evangelistic push. I asked her what was she doing. Then she got
it. Her comment was "That's the problem isn't it?" We cannot
leave it to the "church leaders" it is everyone's
responsibility. You, me, all of us. Are we doing all we can to
bring souls into the kingdom before the time is gone? The answer
for most of us, myself included, is probably "No." I hope that
maybe this will spur you on. It doesn't mean you need to preach
at people, but be ready for the opportunites the Lord presents
to you to show others the way. Keep your eyes and ears open and
led the Lord lead you. Don't be discouraged. You never know what
seeds you may be planting. You may not see them come to growth,
but you may have planted the seed for someone else to use and
bring to fruition. If you do not already know the Lord I pray
that this will give you pause to think and explore.
  A *SMILE* and a *HUG* for you. May God richly bless you and
keep you in His care and keep you safe. May He hold you gently
in the palm of His hand and touch your life with the blessings
of his peace, love, hope and strength.
In Christ,

From: "Bill Koenig" <>
Subject: What in the World IS God Doing?
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 08:07:34 -0500

What in the World IS God Doing? - Bill Koenig
March 7, 2002

How Does the Story End?

As we watch world events unfold before our eyes these days, we
are bound to have moments of disappointment and sadness,
perhaps even frustration and anger. However, our Lord has told
us, in His Word, how these times would play out.

Those of us who know the Bible also know the end of the story!

The seriousness of these times in Israel (and yes, even here
in the United States) may either continue to accelerate or
slow down. Most would agree that the way events are moving
right now, continued acceleration seems the most likely.

Just reflect upon how only 19 men and the events of 9-11 have
changed the daily routines of Americans and of others
throughout the world. Our lives will never be the same again.

According to a Cable News Network study, 7 out of 10 Americans
were depressed or have been depressed by the 9-11 events. That
tragic day drove people into churches the following Sunday and
an on subsequent Sundays, but only to hear in many
fellowships, "the Lord has no role in what happened."

Yes, the Lord did not create the sin that produced those
events, but it is true that the Lord could have restrained
catastrophic events as He has, over and over again throughout
the years, especially during the last six years when we have
been watching closely on a daily basis.

Even with some frustrations about the Bush and Sharon
administrations' positions on God's covenant land, we have not
been too surprised. The Lord of the Universe has told us in
Scripture (Zechariah) that there would be a time when the
armies of the world would come against Jerusalem and Israel,
and that then He would destroy them.

We are not sure whether the United States will be part of this
force, but all the other nations will be.

We also don't know exactly where we might be on the Lord's
time clock, but we do know that something is up. The world
powers are all calling once again for Israel to give up her
covenant land. Even President Bush has stated the importance
of Israel's compliance with UN Resolution 242 and 338 many
times over the last year.

The world has stated, over and over again, its position on
God's covenant land and now the Lord of Lords will respond
accordingly. The leaders of the nations who are crying out for
Israel to give up her covenant land for a "peace" on paper do
not realize that they are on a collision course with the Lord

Stop, Look, and Listen!

As the world moves towards this enormous collision with God in
the coming days, we need to pray that God will open our
spiritual eyes and ears to see and understand what He is doing.

Rather than getting worked up and disturbed by current events
as in the past, we must praise Him for what He is doing. We
are going to have an unprecedented evangelism opportunity very
soon. There is coming a time when believers will become
true "fishers of men." Every time a believer casts a hook in
the water, we will bring a new person to Christ.

We must also be sensitive to how we pray. We have gotten so
involved in doing battle that we may have missed what God is
doing. We must remember that there are events which no prayer
can prevent because they are part of God's ultimate plan. Our
time is so valuable when we spend it in Him.

Let's respond to what the Lord is saying and doing. Let's
praise Him and glorify Him daily for what is happening. We are
so blessed, let's look to the glory and not be overwhelmed by
the news. Let's look for the opportunities, not the adversity.

We tend to miss the point of daily current events and what God
is doing through them. The Bible warns us that what is coming
has to do with lost souls, so let's seize the moment! The
fishing will never be better!

Let's also not be wrapped in our earthly identities. Let the
wood, hay and stubble burn, because it won't have any value
soon, when we are face to face with Him.

Let's walk through the days ahead in the company of His
powerful presence. The Lord is going to present Himself as we
have never seen. We can't even imagine the glory that will
shine forth. He is going to do remarkable things. We must be
open vessels, ready for the infilling of His glory and

We will not create these opportunities or even initiate them.
He will do it within our fully submitted being, using each of
us for His purpose. We must passionately give the Almighty all
the praise and the glory each day ... each moment.

The question of the moment cuts through all of this and
through all of our Christian trappings: "Do we know the God of
the most high?" We are so worked up by daily events that we
tend to take our eyes off of Him and what He is doing. And
then we must ask ourselves, "Do we know who this Christ
Jesus is?"

But we are going to need Him in the days ahead. Let's not let
ourselves be overwhelmed by the events about us. Let's be
submitted to Him in His glory. Let's allow His light to shine
through us. He is and will remain our provider, our comforter
and our guide. We are going to experience His love for us and
His presence in us like never before.

Friends, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is coming back
soon in His glory to Jerusalem. At that time, there will be
absolutely no confusion over who He is.

So in the days ahead, let's keep our eyes, thoughts, and
activity focused on Jesus Christ. Don't let anything get in
the way of our focus on Him. Let's soak up His joy and glory.
It will speak and do volumes as we go forth in His service.

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answer them. We now have been blessed with a person who has
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please bear with us and to help us by keeping your thoughts
and comments brief.

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