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"What Do Men Really Want?"

This turned up on one of my discussion groups, in answer to the question: "What Do Men Really Want?"

It's a must-read for every woman everywhere--please forward to all the women you know!

Trudy W. Schuett


Speaking for me and somewhat for the men I know and have talked about this with:

Learn these two: Transform them into the core of your being:

I am not a biological cash machine.

You cannot tell me what I feel and you never will be able to.

Do take these things deep within your soul:

Please, I beg you, put on your wildwoman persona at least once a month. Go crazy in an endearing way. I need that from you.

Realize, I am not your girlfriend although I want to be your best friend.

I love my children as much as you do.   Deal with it.

Know a vagina is not and never will be a license to throw things or a
hitting permit.

Know that while I will talk to you I will ignore most of what I consider
chatter.   I hear it:    I just ignore it.

Make a pass at me: PLEASE!

You are not the fashion police.    You are not the better judge of what clothes  I wear or how I have my hair cut.

Know I will sometimes do things I don't want to do just to keep the peace.
I know you do that too, but it's important for you to realize that I also
bend to your needs. More often than not, I feel you never think of my
sacrifices for you.

I don't like male bashing.   I don't find it funny.   DEAL WITH IT!

Realize that these things are probably true. They apply to about 2/3 of men:

I know as much female physiology as you and much more male physiology: Deal with it.

I don't care whether the doortops have been dusted.

I usually know where I am. If I'm wrong on directions I'm almost always
one-hundred and eighty degrees off. I'll ask directions when I am ready to.

That fancy mantlepiece cover you bought is just plain ugly.
I see no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on decorations that only
collect dust.   I see many reasons to spend hundreds of dollars on tools that
I may never use.

I know as much about childcare as you.   Deal with it.

I know how to keep house: It's not important to me, but I do know the hows and whys.

I like to cook.   I know how to cook.   I need to be asked to cook.

Don't expect an answer to "How did work go today?" within minutes of my
getting home. If you really want to know, wait at least an hour before asking.

Looking through this list it becomes much easier to see which behaviors are important.

What men want, need and expect is different for every man. I think if you
look through the list you will see which things in your life are best
changed and which are already very good.


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