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Rejoice not against me ,O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me. (Micah 7:8 KJV)

How many times have you ever fallen down in the dirt, gotten up and brushed the dirt off and gone on your way? Has happened many times to all of us.

Sometimes though the dirt we fall into is not what we see outside on the ground. It is the dirt of our weakness , of the sins that we seem to be doing over and over again. Sometimes we see another person a brother or sister perhaps struggling with a weakness that they and we know is wrong and they just seem to be repeating it over and over again. We might even be tempted to think how can they call themselves a Christian if they keep on doing that.

Got me to thinking about this last night as I was chattering with a good brother and sister last night. We got to talking about this. and realized that God is not so much concerned with our actions as he is to why we do them and how hard we try to change. Perhaps in Heaven the rewards we are granted will not be based so much on what we have or have not done but rather on the why we did it and how hard we tried not to do the wrong thing and how we tried to change things, cause it is in the trying that we really see the heart of the person.

Now I have a really good friend who has a weakness, what the weakness is is not near as important as what I see this friend of mine doing. This friend of mine well she really struggles with this weakness, knows it is wrong and she really wants to please God. But at times she slips, falls down into that dirt. Well she could like that old commercial we used to see say I've fallen and can't get up but nope not her. She says each time Dad I have messed up again I am soooooo sorry for what I have done, please Help me with this. Now God sees her heart, knows how bad she feels about it and says to her.. honey I forgive you for I see in your heart you really want to please me. See when satan tempts her and she at times weakens she has a choice, she can feel real bad about herself and think that she is a good for nothing or she can say not maybe I will arise form this or not if I feel like it will i arise but rather she says God help me I SHALL ARISE!!!!!!

Now to me I think that God is looking at my friend and saying "well done" Probably wansy hey look at that no matter if she sins, or falls or is sick or downcast she says I shall arise!!!!! and she does always giving the glory to God.

She gets up saying my words in her heart over and over ...... Enemies of mine, don't gloat over me! Although I have fallen, I will rise; though I live in the dark, Adonai is my light. (Micah7:8 CJB)

See God has a lot of good things for us and one is his Mercy. Mercy meaning us not getting what we really deserve. soooo when we stumble and fall and we each up to God for a hand we get mercy and we arise. God just says brush that dirt off and lets go on, we stumble again and ask for that hand and God says lets arise and brush off that dirt again over and over God says I will help you. Problems occur when we don't want to get up when we want to stay in that dirt an not even try that is when satan rejoices. So the real problem is when we choose not to get up, not the falling but the choosing to stay down.

So lets choose right now are we going to stay in that dirt? or shall we like my friend say I SHALL ARISE!!!! and reach out to God and brush off that dirt and go on with HIM?

Lets all be like a jack in the box. Many of us played with one as a kid. he would be pushed down but always he would pop back up and arise.

We really got to thinking what if Jesus had decided to stay in that dirt? No after 3 days and nights he too said I SHALL ARISE!!! and Because HE did we can also

with that final thought I bid you HIS peace



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