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Freedom from Generational Curses

Father God, I thank you for setting the foundations of the earth; for giving life, and for giving your Son, JESUS. I belong to you Lord Jesus! I cover myself right now with your blood and call upon your mighty angels for protection and assistance. For it is written an angel of the Lord encamps around those who reverence thy name and delivers them. Thank you Lord for your angels and mercy. Father God, you said that you would visit your wrath unto the third and fourth generation from my father and my fathers father. Lord, your judgments are just and righteous. Lord God, I know that Jesus died once for all. So, I come before you asking mercy and forgiveness for the sins of: say each known sin) and for the unknown sins and curses of my families generations. We have been a rebellious family. we have served of gods. Our sins of bitterness, anger, hatred, raged and unforgiveness have separated us from you and brought calamity to our generation. We are guilty of sexual sins. We have not treated others as we should. We have been full of self-pity, rejection, and gossip. We have stolen, lied, cheated, our iniquities have piled up beyond our measure. I confess and ask you Lord, to forgive my family line and myself. I thank you for your mercy and forgiveness. I renounce any and all generational sins and curses on myself and on the family that you gave me. I place them under the precious blood of Jesus! And ask you Lord for a new generational inheritance of health, freedom, and all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus for myself, my family, and the generations that follow us. You are worthy Lord God of honor, praise, and glory; for you have dominion over all things. So, IN THE NAME OF JESUS and with your authority I break all generational sins and curses. In the NAME OF JESUS I command all evil spirits to loose me and my family! Leave me and my family (say each family members name) now gently and completely, In THE NAME OF JESUS! In THE NAME OF JESUS, I bind you foul spirits and cast you out! Be gone from me and my family (say each family members name) right now, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! In the NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME, JESUS, I confess, accept and believe in faith that I and my family are loosed and have a new generational inheritance of health, freedom, and all Spiritual blessings in Christ JESUS! I thank you, my Lord and my personal savior! I ask right now that the Holy Spirit fill any and all parts of my Body where any demon has left or moved, IN JESUS NAME I pray, AMEN.


Break the Bondage of UNFORGIVENESS

Father God, I glorify your name. You alone are the Lord God! The Alpha and the Omega. Father, your mercy and grace poured from my savior and God, Jesus Christ. By HIS blood I am forgiven and justified! I cover myself right now with your blood and call upon your mighty angels for protection and assistance. For it is written an angel of the Lord encamps around those who reverence thy name and delivers them. Thank you Lord for your angels and mercy. I thank you Father for casting our sins as far as the east is from the west. Father, by faith and in the NAME OF JESUS I forgive those whom have hurt me, abused me, debased me. Father, I forgive those with I have resentments against. Father, I ask that you will touch their hearts, that you bless them with all Spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus, that they may know you as the Lord of their life! I ask you Father to forgive me for not forgiving them, in JESUS' NAME! I thank you Lord for allowing me to forgive them from my heart, for removing all resentment from me. In JESUS' NAME I ask you to heal my heart and soul! Father, I cover all my unforgiveness with the blood of JESUS. I seal my unforgiveness with the Holy Spirit! Thank you Lord for your forgiveness, for the blood you shed on my behalf! Father God, IN THE NAME OF JESUS I bind all unclean spirits associated with unforgivness as one! I command them to leave me quietly and completely but knowingly to me right now in the NAME OF JESUS! Loose me, leave me now IN JESUS NAME. I don't want you! I will not have you! Be gone right now in JESUS' NAME. You must leave now and go where Jesus sends you! You can not come back, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Thank you Father! Thank you JESUS! Thank you Holy Spirit! Father I ask that you fill every place and or part of my life with the Holy Spirit that any demon has left. IN JESUS NAME Amen.


Willful Sin

Father, I ask that you cover me with the blood of JESUS and I call upon your mighty angels for protection and enforcement of your will for me, IN JESUS' NAME! Father, it is written and I believe that you are faithful to forgive me of my sins. I confess that I have willfully sinned against you since my childhood until now. Lord, I confess and renounce my willful sins of: sexual immorality, anger, pride, stubbornness, bitterness, rejection, hate, shame, contention, self-will, selfishness, division, and worldly ambition. I confess and renounce Father, that I have placed other things and people before you. Father, I worship no other god but you! Father, I ask you to forgive me of all my sin. Wash me with your blood, cleansing me of all unrighteousness. I desire to follow ONLY you Lord Jesus and to become holy. For it is written that you raise a holy nation unto yourself and be holy for you are holy. I thank you Lord for forgiving me, for washing me white as snow; for justifying and sanctifying me so that I may do your will. Father, I take authority over all unclean and foul spirits that hold themselves against you, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I command that they leave me quietly and completely in the NAME OF JESUS. I proclaim that I belong to you Lord JESUS! I bind and cast out all demons IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Loose me, leave me, be gone IN THE NAME OF JESUS. I am forgiven, I am the redeemed of God! Thank you Father, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, Amen.


Anorexia Prayer

Father, I am you're child. I am you're daughter by adaptation. I have been made worthy and acceptable by your blood. I have been raised up with you in heavenly places and accounted worthy by faith in Jesus Christ. You have clothed me with the garments of salvation, you have covered me with the robe of righteousness, I am as a bride adorned with jewels. Father, I confess, ask your forgiveness and renounce the lies of satan that I am not worthy or acceptable. I renounce that I must look or perform according to the ways of the world and of the flesh. Lord God, You have created me for your pleasure and claimed me as very good. I confess that you have given all things as food for me and that I am worthy of nourishment. I confess and renounce that my soul abhors all manner of food. That I have purged, defecated, and willfully sinned against you. Father I know that I am your temple. That I am the temple of the Holy Spirit. I choose not to hurt nor destroy the temple, the abode of the Holy Spirit. I choose to glorify God in my body and my spirit which belong to God. I reject and renounce satan and his lies. I do so not by might or power but by your Spirit. Father, by your will for me, by my position in Christ, and by my authority over all the power of the enemy. I now, in the name of Jesus Christ put a hook in the jaws of the leviathan I draw him out and cast him out in the name of Jesus. Father, you have given food for the flesh, your loving kindness endures forever. You have delivered me from my oppressors, your mercy endures forever. whomever hides their sin receives punishment but whomever confesses their sin receives mercy. Father, I renounce satan and his forces of evil and the lies that I have believed and their works in my life and home. I stand as justified, righteous and holy by the blood of Jesus Christ who sanctifies me and has made me worthy and acceptable. I command in the name of Jesus that the leviathan and his demons of self hate, of condemnation, of self destruction, of unworthiness, of self revenge, of self bitterness, of bulimia, of anorexia leave me now in the name of Jesus Christ and do not return. I submit to you God and the devil must flee, In the Name of Jesus. I ask you Holy Spirit to fill that area of my life and my body, to take total control and permeant abode there. Thank you Father, for me receiving and eating food with gladness and simplicity of heart and that what I eat I eat in regard to you. Father, I now receive my worthiness and my acceptance from and in you. I claim and proclaim before God and in satan's face that I am a woman whose price is far greater than rubies! That I have been purchased by the blood of the living God, Jesus Christ. Amen

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