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In 1990 the American Association of University Women commissioned and published a study expressly for the purpose of proving that girls' self-esteem was damaged by American schools. However, they were somewhat selective about which results they published. Here are some results of their study that they chose to omit:

Who do teachers think are smarter?
Girls say boys: 13%
Girls say girls: 81%
Boys say boys: 26%
Boys say girls: 69%

Who do teachers punish more often?
Girls say boys: 92%
Girls say girls: 5%
Boys say boys: 90%
Boys say girls: 8%

Who do teachers complement more often?
Girls say boys: 7%
Girls say girls: 89%
Boys say boys: 15%
Boys say girls: 81%

Who do teachers like to be around?
Girls say boys: 12%
Girls say girls: 80%
Boys say boys: 21%
Boys say girls: 73%

Who do teachers pay more attention to?
Girls say boys: 33%
Girls say girls: 57%
Boys say boys: 29%
Boys say girls: 64%

Who do teachers call on more often?
Girls say boys: 35%
Girls say girls: 57%
Boys say boys: 36%
Boys say girls: 59%

Given these stats above, it is clear that boys have a much lower self esteem and that they are buying into the feminist agenda that girls are more important then boys. It is any wonder why five boys kill themselves for each girl? Given this our Department of Health with it's feminist director is pouring money into helping girls FEEL better about themself while it ignores the death of boys. This is more prove that our present leaders feel the comfort of girls is more important then the life of boys. (the female senate candiadate for New York has made this statement in a speech a few years ago...not in those terms but the intent sure did show through)


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