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       ACFC ANALYSIS - The War on Fathers Continues
Thanks to Michael Austin for spotting this notice that DHHS intends
to continue with business as usual in the War on Fathers, wasting
millions on stupid band-aid programs to deal with problems that
feminoid government bureaucrats largely caused in the first place.
Particularly disturbing is Thompson's focus on the prison industry.
In Wisconsin, the prison industry was one of Thompson's main
sources of campaign contributions, and we shouldn't be surprised
to see him now crafting family policy based on an assumption
of criminalization of fatherhood.  But this is really sick.  America
has a prison population comparable to the concentration camps
of Nazi Germany, and except for gas ovens it might be fair to
call Thompson the Adolf Eichmann of America.  About 6 million
fathers are in prison or "in process" through the system, and
that doesn't count about 2 million fathers a year processed
through county jails on "child support" charges.  Most of the
programs below are designed for the sole purpose of making
that criminalization process "more efficient."
Reality is that fathers can't get divorced in America without
being subjected to a felony extortion threat of arrest that is now
standard operating procedure of the child support gestapo.  In
sheer numbers, the American fatherhood concentration camp
system is far worse than Eichmann's ever was.  It could be
argued that his gas ovens were actually more humane than
the living hell of spending the rest of your life in monitored
slave labor while the government continually sabotages your
relationships with your children.  Small wonder that 5,000 to
10,000 fathers a year are now committing suicide as a direct
result of this mass insanity - the wonder is that aren't more.
We have often noted that previously national family policy was
crafted around a welfare model of family policy (as if all families
were a potential target for welfare bureaucrats), but Thompson
is now crafting national family policy around a concentration
camp model of fatherhood (as if all fathers were potential targets
for the prison industry).  This is an extremely serious turn for
the worse at DHHS.  Shalala was a feminoid disaster, but as a
crypto-fascist, Thompson is a far more dangerous enemy of the
American people.
You'd think that the disasters of 9-11 might have caused these idiots
to re-think the abominable way this country has treated fathers for
the last thirty years.  But no such luck, not even the collapse of the
World Trade Center is enough to get through their thick skulls, that
this kind of passive-aggressive feminization of America has been an
utter and complete disaster.  All we hear from them are the same
stupid lies that they are doing this for "children and families", when
they know perfectly well that the bureaucracy still keeps 92% of the
"child support" they collect in the most needy low-income cases,
and the "families" they claim to help are not families at all, but
single-mother households created and subsidized by the massive
government welfare programs that were only available if the father
was driven out of the home, and the lives of his children.  Is this any
way to treat the heroes of 9-11?  We think not.
Lest anyone misunderstand, this position is not opposition to child
support per se.  As studies have repeatedly shown, the best assurance
that child support will be paid in full and on time, is when the amounts
are fair and reasonable (reflecting equity and equal responsibility for
both parents), and when both parents are assured of an equal and
meaningful role in the lives of their children.  Until America adopts
a rebuttable presumption of 50-50 shared parenting as the norm in
divorced and unmarried parentage, all of these band-aid programs
are just throwing good money after bad.
If these deadbeat bureaucrats really wanted to help children and
families, they would grant fathers the same right to be in the family
that women have been granted in the workplace, and insist that the
U.S. Attorney General start filing class action lawsuits in every state
to end the unconstitutional sub rosa "tender years" doctrine that drives
so many fathers out of the lives of their children, and undermines so
many intact families by the siren song promise and pack of lies to
mothers that the "government is here to help them."
To any mother tempted by these lies we say this, "Keep your eye on
the money!"  No matter what these bureaucrats tell you, two homes
cannot be maintained as cheaply as one.  If you get suckered by
their pack of lies, your personal standard of living will plummet
by half, and most of your former family net worth will disappear in
into lawyer and court fees.  Meanwhile, the bureaucrats will hand
out more and more money in worthless programs that will benefit
nobody but bureaucrats themselves, exactly as described below.
You'll get taken to the cleaners, and your children will suffer worst
of all from the pack of lies of DHHS bureaucrats.
For millions of years before government arrived on the scene to
"help", fathers cared about their children as much as mothers.
The welfare model created social chaos by driving fathers out
of the home with the "man in the house" rule.  Having created
massive social chaos by treating all families as potential targets
for welfare bureaucrats, now Thompson arrives on the scene to
drive the last nail in the coffin of American families, by treating
all families as potential targets for the prison industry.
If DHHS really wants to serve America in its hour of need, they
could draft all these deadbeat bureaucrats into a Social Service
Corps and send them to Afghanistan.  If they can create as much
social chaos in Afghanistan as they already have in America, it
would make a valuable contribution to the war effort.
To President Bush we say that despite all the ravages of deadbeat
bureaucrats of the last thirty years, the fatherhood movement is one
of the greatest reservoirs of patriotism left in America.  But it's hard
to ask fathers to be enthusiastic about a government that continues
to steal their children, and criminalize fatherhood itself.  If you really
want to unite America in a war against terrorism, one of the best
ways would be to end police state terrorism against fathers by
deadbeat bureaucrats in our own government.
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U.S. Newswire
September 28, 2001
HHS Awards Funds To Promote Child Support Improvements
To: National Desk
Contact: John Allen of the ACF Press Office, 202-401-9215
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28 /U.S. Newswire/ -- HHS Secretary Tommy
G. Thompson today announced the award of more than $1.8 million in
research and demonstration grants to 12 states to support
innovative programs for strengthening and improving the child
support program.
"Increasing child support collections is vital for the millions
of children in need, and these fresh approaches from the states
hold great promise for improving the lives of our children,"
Secretary Thompson said. "Ultimately, these projects will help us
turn the best ideas of our governors and state officials into
real-life answers for children and families across America."
The projects will examine a number of broad areas. For example:
-- Texas will provide training to young, low-income fathers to
enhance their ability to pay child support and improve their
parenting skills.
-- Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming will use
technology to improve overall management of their child support
programs through improved use of data.
-- Illinois will provide services to formerly incarcerated
fathers to assist them to become more financially and emotionally
connected to their children.
-- Missouri will work with incarcerated fathers to improve their
financial and emotional support of their children.
-- South Carolina will collaborate with local community and
faith-based groups to provide early intervention services to
fathers to improve their payment of child support and their
connections to their children.
-- Minnesota and New Mexico will better serve a previously
underserved population, the non-English speaking such as those
fluent in Spanish or Hmong.
-- New Jersey and Virginia will both work with community-based
service providers to increase child support program outcomes for
"These grants serve the highest goal -- to better the lives of
children. By funding new approaches and enlisting the talents of
community and faith-based organizations, we will strengthen the
child support program," said Dr. Wade F. Horn, Ph.D., assistant
secretary for children and families. "Projects such as those
funded today will provide new knowledge regarding the vital
importance of an effective child support program."
In addition to the support offered by these grants, President
Bush has also proposed a new $64 million program designed to help
fathers financially support their children and provide the
emotional and psychological support their children need.
The demonstrations require an evaluation. The grants will cover
a substantial portion of the special projects' costs with the
remaining costs coming from other federal child support enforcement
funds. Each grantee also will contribute at least 5 percent of the
total cost of the project.
A listing of grant recipients follows:
-- Illinois Department of Public Aid, A Collaborative Effort
with the Department of Corrections and Community Based Agencies
to Promote Family Self-Sufficiency, $193,268
-- Minnesota Department of Human Services, Examining the Role of
Language-Specific Child Support Workers in Improving Performance
and Customer Satisfaction, $62,500
-- Missouri Department of Social Services, Incarcerated Fathers
Collaboration Project, $192,607
-- New Jersey Department of Human Services, A Collaborative
Effort to Promote Healthy Families, $127,600
-- New Mexico Department of Human Services, Comprehensive
Outreach Supporting Paternity and Support Order Entry, $217,667
-- South Carolina Department of Social Services, Early
Intervention to Enhance Fatherhood Initiative, $106,801
-- Texas Office of the Attorney General, The Bootstrap Project-
Mediation, Partial Child Support Reimbursement, and Jobs Program,
-- Vermont Agency of Human Service, Data Warehousing and Data
Mining, $199,941
-- Virginia Department of Social Services, From Case Number to
Client: Reducing Barriers to the Collection of Child Support
Through Interagency Collaboration and Case Management, $100,000
-- Washington Department of Social and Health Services, Building
a Longitudinal and Predictive Child Support Knowledge Management
System: A Data Warehousing and Data Mining Project to Build the
Capacity of Washington State, $200,000
-- Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin's
Child Support Data Mart, $166,619
-- Wyoming Department of Family Services, Using Data Warehousing
to Improve Children's Medical Coverage and Management Effectiveness
in Wyoming's IV-D Program, $124,993
Note: All HHS press releases, fact sheets and other press
materials are available at
/U.S. Newswire 202-347-2770/
09/28 11:30
Copyright 2001, U.S. Newswire
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