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The Visitor
While on a visit to a Midwest state President Eisenhower heard about
a 6 year old boy that was dying of cancer.  He also heard that this
boy wished that he could meet the president of the United States
before he died.  Only one person could make that wish come true.
Since he was near where the boy lived, well...a short time later, the
presidential limo pulled up to the country home of that small boy.
President Eisenhower got out of the car and knocked on the door.
(Remember, this was before the sweeps of any area the president went
to by the Secret Service)  A man dressed in blue jeans, a dirty sweat
shirt and unshaven for a couple of days answered the door. His jaw
must have dropped when he saw who was knocking.  The president looked
beyond him and saw that boy. He called him by name.
President Eisenhower visited with him for the next hour and left.
The visit was the talk of the town and everyone had only praise for
the visit....everyone but one person.  The boy's father.  Oh, he
appreciated it, but he wished he had know the president of the United
States was going to visit. He would have been able ready.  He
would have been shaven, had clean cloths if not a suit and the house
would have been cleaned.
Someday, we are going to have a very important visitor from the KING
OF KINGS.  Are YOU ready?  Are your garments clean?  MOST of all,
have you placed your trust in the LORD for the full payment for your
Remember, just as there was no warn when the presidential limo pulled
up in front of that farm house, there will be no warn when the KING least none that those who are not waiting for HIS return
will see.
IF you are not it today. HE may come back...TODAY!!!

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