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Dear Mr Rolph

The Solicitor General thanks you for you e-mail dated 30 December 2002 and
has asked me to reply to you on her behalf.

Thank you for your interest in the Solicitor General's comments. You are, of
course, correct in observing that men may also be victims of domestic
violence and the CPS policy on domestic violence recognises that fact. The
definition of domestic violence in the CPS policy includes male victims of
female abusers and victims of same sex partnerships.

Yours sincerely

Robyn Greeves

Dear miss/ms/mrs/Mr Robyn Greeves

Thank you for your reply which I have copied below.

While I understand that the CPS recognizes male victims of domestic violence
there still seems to be a great reluctance to actually prosecute female
perpetrators. Also:-

There is virtually no help offered to male victims of Domestic Violence from
Government sources.

Most official advertising STILL only shows men beating women or children and
not the reverse.

Government ministers have called upon children to inform on their fathers
and not their mothers, so helping to perpetuate the myth that only males
abuse others.

Most official publications make only a passing reference to male victims, if
at all. Including, for example, Mayor Ken Livingstone`s Domestic Violence
Stategy document.

Most local council web sites that have a DV page are blatantly sexist in
their presentation of the issues yet remain unprosecuted. Just imagine if
the reverse were true!

Most statements by Government ministers only refer to female victims. All
funding goes to female victims.

72% of police stations in the UK do not even collect statistics on male
victims of DV.

Ministers and woman's groups constantly say there are fewer male victims
than female despite a mass of scientific evidence to the contrary available
from every western democracy in the world, including the UK, to show the
reverse is true.

Ministers prefer to rely on pop surveys carried out by groups such as
Women's Aid which distort and mislead readers when even a moments thought
would show these "surveys" to be inaccurate distortions.

Judges in both the family courts and the criminal courts are rewriting laws
in favour of women who claim abuse, even when there is no hard evidence that
abuse ever occurred, yet male victims have to work extremely hard to get
judges, police officers and lawyers to even believe that they really have
been abused.

The prime ministers wife is handing out awards to women who murder alleged
abusive husbands and calling them, "The new role models for women" thus
sending a message to female abusers that if they kill their husbands the
courts will set them free if they claim abuse and they will get a reward
from the 1st lady for murder. Incidentally Mrs Blair is a QC and appears to
have lost all respect for the law.

Judges in family courts are openly flouting the law and allowing females to
disregard legally binding contact orders at will and without fear of

Perjury is happening constantly in family courts and the women and men who
commit it are not being punished for making false allegations or lying to
the courts.

In family courts hearsay is enough "evidence" to ensure that a father is
removed from the lives of his children.

Social services workers are actively working to remove children from fathers
even when the mother has been convicted of assaulting the father and abusing
the children! This is happening right now to a father in Knowsley Liverpool
and the social workers are refusing to discuss the case with outsiders under
confidentiality clauses and can thus hide what they are doing from public
scrutiny. Yet if the child is killed by the abusive mother I predict they
will come onto television claiming it was a mistake because they are

Yet every single one of the groups mentioned above all SAY they are "aware"
there are male victims also. All of these groups would deny an anti-male
bias is operating and all would claim to have the interests of ALL victims
at heart! Perhaps if I had burnt my abusive ex partner to death while she
slept, in a pre meditated act and watched her writhe in agony on the bed
until she had died, the prime ministers wife would hand me both my freedom
from jail, a house, the care of my children and an award? After all, I
suffered brutal abuse also!

I don't think so somehow do you?

Forgive me for being a little sceptical.

It should be obvious then that the system of justice in the land is biased
against male victims and just being "aware" or "recognising" it is not
enough to redress the balance and give justice for ALL victims.

Perhaps you can tell me why male victims are being ignored, their numbers
downplayed and their often pitiable condition is not being relieved?

Whatever the policy being undertaken at the moment by the Solicitor General
and other august figures within the Government machine, rest assured that
male victims are no longer going to be silent. When we finally do achieve
justice for men, questions will be asked, very publicly, of those who stood
in the way of that justice.

All victims, regardless of their age, colour, or gender deserve and have a
right to equal treatment under the law. Any attempt to prevent that smacks,
not of democracy, but totalitarianism and should be fought by anyone
interested in the welfare and rights of ALL of our countries citizens. Men
make up 50% of the population and those men are being made increasingly
aware of what it happening in this land under the guise of equality. To us
it seems that if you are a female you are more equal than others. Even muder
is now offically sanctioned as a great way to end relationshhips for the
woman. It is a great shame that as much effort and money are not being
expended on the virtues of marriage which is, statistically, still the
safest and most non abusive reationship to be in. But who am I, a mere man,
to question the wisdom of our leaders?

Finally, I am undertaking a walk in the summer from John O Groats to Lands
End to raise the profile of male victims of DV and to raise money for ALL
victims (yes, women too). Perhaps the Solicitor General would like to make a
financial contribution to the cause to show that she is not contaminated
with anti male bias and cares for all victims? Please ask her for me on
behalf of men whose lives are being shattered on a daily basis and on behalf
of the children who have to watch and are then given to the abusers by the
family court system.

I await your reply with great interest.

George Rolph
Web Master and founder of man2man
Vice Chairman of Mens Aid
SE Regional co-ordinator ManKind

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