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There is a news story that tells that during the process of filming a
new movie that two horses have died.

"According to the American Humane Society, two horses have died in
just two weeks on the set of the upcoming My Friend Flicka remake,
starring Tim McGraw."

The American Humane Society has had animal-friendly guidelines for
some times and we often see "no animals have been harmed in the
making of this film" in the credits.

"Many animal-rights activists say the AHA probe may be compromised
because the group is paid by the Screen Actors Guild to monitor
animal use in films."

"I am mortified. Poor horses. They've gotta stop this," Kathy
Riordan, a member of the Los Angeles Animal Services Commission told
UPI. "I personally think there is a major conflict of interest when
the entity responsible for monitoring an industry is supported by it.
Any way you look at it, [the AHA] gets paid by Hollywood and there's
something wrong with that."

Kathy Riordan is right. There IS a conflict of interest when the
people that will profit the most are the watch dogs for the
industry. If Hollywood is paying them, then they are unlikely to
shut them down.

Let us however move from Hollywood to....Washington. You see, this
very thing is happening today in our nations capital. It will not
result in a the death of a couple of horses. (I agree it is wrong to
produce a film at the expense of any animal just for our
entertainment. There should be safe guards to protect all life in
the production of a movie) The result of the conflict of interest
now going on in our Capital will be thousands of destroyed families
and even the death of many people.

What is this conflict of interest? It is the Violence Against Women
Act (VAWA). For those who are unaware of this act, it is a multi
billion dollar act to provide help to victims of domestic violence.
The problem is that it excludes a great many of these victims and
actually victimizes these people even more. According to unbiased
research, there are as many men as there are women that are abused in
domestic settings. Most of these abused men are abused in
heterosexual relationships. They are abused by their wives and
girlfriends. I will explain this more in a few moments, but first
let's explain why this is a conflict of interest.

Much as the American Humane Society is paid by the film industry and
would be careful of how much they protest about the treatment of
animals, the VAWA was essentially written by gender feminist. This
is a statement from the official VAWA website:

"Senator Joseph Biden, the Delaware Democrat who once chaired the
Senate Judiciary Committee, first proposed the VAWA in 1990. The bill
was a collaborative effort, with key roles played by Victoria Nourse,
then Senate Judiciary Committee counsel, and Sally Goldfarb, then NOW
Legal Defense and Education Fund (NOW LDEF) staff attorney. A broad
range of feminist groups offered input and support, and NOW LDEF's
Pat Reuss lent lobbying expertise."

Radical feminist wrote this act. Would not this be like asking the
klu klux klan to write laws concerning racial relations?

I ask you to substitute the word "women" in any of this with Black,
Asians, or any other group. Would it be fair? Would it be Just?
Would it stand the test of the Equal protection clause of the

Would it not be like the American Humane Society asking film makers
what the mistreatment of an animal is?

Many of the "facts" that say 95% of all victims are women are taken
from women shelter surveys. Would not this be like asking the
American Pork Association what the best meat is?

Martin S. Fiebert Department of Psychology California State
University, Long Beach states:

SUMMARY: This bibliography examines 122 scholarly investigations, 99
empirical studies and 23 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate
that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men
in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The
aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 77,000.

Every year, 1,510,455 women and 834,732 men are victims of physical
violence by an intimate. This is according to a Nov. 1998 Department
of Justice report on the National Violence Against Women Survey.

The Violence Against Women Act rewards women for being abused and it
encourages the false accusations of abuse. YES we know many are
abused but when we give perks for being a victim, we will find many
more then really exists

Before this act was passed, many tried to suggest it be the Domestic
Violence Act to protect ALL our people. As it is there is not one
dime to assist battered MEN. This is NOT Equal protection Under the

I am also very concerned about many more murder/suicides. I firmly
believe many of these are due to false accusations for which these
men know they will lose everything they had including their children
with out due process of law. We have many in our organization that
have been falsely accused and many have been arrested for being

Educate yourselves. You can find several reasons why we do not know
the truth here:

The VAWA is up for renewal and plans are already under way to
strengthen it and add more insult to injury to half the victims of
domestic violence. It is time to fight it now.

Contact your Senator and Congressman today to voice your
disappointment that once again, men are forgotten and actually abused
more by their actions. Please notice that the title is to prevent
violence against women. There is NO mention about the violence done
to men.

These men could be your son, your brother, your uncle. By not
offering protection to men, I believe more women are harmed because
when one has been abused long enough, they will often strike back. I
believe this is when many women are injuried in domestic

Is it not time to protect ALL our people? Is it not time to look at
both sides?

Pastor Ken Deemer
Director Shattered Men

PO Box 166
Marion Indiana 46952

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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