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For Such A Time As This

For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there
enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and
thy father's house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to
the kingdom for such a time as this? Esther 4:14

If we saw a movie "One Night With the King" we would be familiar with this
phrase....for such a time as this. It is the story of Esther, A Jew who was
made a queen of Persia. Few knew she was a Jew. Of course, the king did not
know she was a Jew. To make a long story short since I can not stay on this new
knee for very long at this point. Ester was used to save her people because she
was put in this place for such a time as this. Read this very interesting story
yourself in the book of Esther. (it comes just before Job)

Well. I have seen this acted out in real life...for such a time as this. For
those who do not know, I had a total knee replacement last week and was suppose
to go to a certain extended care facility. Well, they told my wife I was not
eligible to go to extended care so my wife had to scramble to find another

The story I am about to tell is just as remarkable as Esther's only on a smaller
scale. There was a woman from another extended care at the hospital who over
heard this and said she worked "Edgewater Woods" which is almost across the
street from the hospital. After some quick checking, she said I was eligible
to go there. Here I am.

No Edgewater is not nearly as nice a place as the other one...BUT it IS where
GOD wants me to be!

The first impression was not good either. They had to get my pain meds from a
local drug store so I was without any major pain meds for over 12 hours. I have
to admit, I was disappointed. My adopted daughter reminded me that it may have been GOD
who did this. She was 100% right. Oh I knew GOD was and is always in control
but it helps to be reminded of it.

The next day, I had a visitor at after 10 PM that night, If I were in the other
place, I would not have been able to have visitors that late. Although I had
just gotten Morphine which often results in a long nap shortly after taking it,
I forced myself to stay awake to talk to this person. He expressed that he was
about to lose everything he had in life because of a very biased court system.
A system that was giving his ex everything although she has violated one court
order after another. He did promise he would come back the next day. (Please
note that my even being in this town which is about 45 miles away from my home
was also planned by GOD as well as the date I had surgery. GOD had to get this
young man at rock bottom to be able to reach him)

For such a time as this.....the timing was right, the place was right.

The seed was planted but there was so much more to do. That is when Deb posted
the urgent call to prayer in SM. The next morning, I asked that my room door
be closed and I not be disturbed for at least a half hour as I needed to have a
private talk with my LORD.

This young man came back that evening with his wife. We all talked for over 3
hours. I showed them several of the messages on ken's page from the Shattered
Men website. As they were reading them, I saw tears flowing from their eyes.
I then told them that what GOD did for these people, they can do for them too.

IF I had not been here, at this place. at this time, the results could have
been totally different and it could have destroyed the lives of dozens of

For such a time as This....

I am so so thankful that GOD did change the plans for such as time as this.

The personal at Edgewater are great. I have had a chance talk to many here
about this ministry.

My friends, If I could go back to a few weeks ago and have GOD tell me HE would
touch my knees and make them whole or I could go through this and HE would show
me the results as I have told you about above, I would not hesitate....I would
say lets to to the OR!

Well, it is again 11 PM and it is time for me to hook up this machine my leg is
in over night but I do want to remind each of you that GOD never gets caught by
surprise.....the things YOU are going through right now could be....for such a
time as this!


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