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They Had Been With Jesus?

Acts 4:13 Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and
perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled;
and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

"They had been with Jesus" Oh what a powerful statement. Oh what
marvelous results. Peter and John were uneducated, ignorant
fishermen. Most likely, they were looked down upon by society. This
was dangerous, dirty, smelly work. Oh I am sure that as we so often
do today as we sit down at our fancy seafood dinners, there were
complaints about the high price of seafood, with little regard for
the men that risked their life…and too often lost them to catch that
dinner. They just saw these men as ignorant and unlearned.

Yes, once again I am writing a post that is not easy. For you see, I
am writing about a problem that occurred in my primary ministry,
Shattered Men. Recently a couple of our precious members were
attacked off the group because they did not seem "as smart" as the
attacker thought they should be. So once again, I find an object
lesson in the Word of God and I will make sure this person gets
this message for it is not only for her…but it is for ME...and for you
for in studying this, I found some amazing things.

Only a few weeks before this time when Peter and John stood boldly
before these men, they were cowering behind locked doors. These
men were the same men that spent 3 years living and eating with the
Master. They sat at His feet listening to all He taught, asking
questions, watching this man, JESUS do miracle after miracle. Why
when Jesus was arrested, Peter was ready to fight. He even drew his
sword and cut off a servant's ear. They HAD been with Jesus for 3
years…yet only hours later, this big strong fisherman would deny
Jesus not once, not twice but three times. For the next few days
they would be behind locked doors…but they had been with Jesus hadn't

What made the difference? Why were they cowards only weeks before?
"They had been with Jesus" had they not?

My friend, those three years they were with Jesus, I contend they
were with HIM on "their terms" They fully expected Him to take over
the rule of Israel, to Be King of Kings much as was David the king of
Israel. Perhaps Judas even betrayed Him to force Him into this…
this preconceived role Certainly Peter expected it has he drew His
sword that fateful evening in that garden, Yet it was not to be.

They then withdrew and were frightened as Jesus did not do what they
thought HE should do. They lost faith. Oh the scriptures were
plain enough, they foretold what would happen to the Messiah….to
Jesus. Why Jesus even told them shortly before His crucifixion what
would need happen. Still, they did not understand.

Ahh but then they met JESUS….the RISEN…THE RESURRECTED JESUS. Ahh
what a difference then as Jesus once again explained what happened
and why. They had been with JESUS. They now spent time with JESUS
on HIS terms, not theirs. They were no longer expecting Jesus to do
what "they" wanted, but were now willing to do what HE wanted.
They now understood what HIS will was, and they were willing to do it.

From cowards, to boldly proclaiming Christ. Ahh what a difference
when we spend time with JESUS!

The Morning had come and they could then see what the darkness had
hidden. The SON had risen as night turned into day and the stone had
rolled away.

As I said when starting this message, a couple of my precious
members have been attacked because someone did not think they were as
smart as she. Well my friend, I would rather have ONE of these
"ignorant and unlearned " people by my side as I serve the Living
Lord then A HUNDRED like this one that attacked them...for these men
have BEEN WITH JESUS. Oh what a difference when Jesus passes by.
These men will do mighty things for our LORD, as their attacker will
only stand by and marvel at it...unless this person repents…and ask
forgiveness and recognizes their need to spend time with JESUS.

My friend, have YOU spent time with JESUS lately? Oh I do not mean
spending time with HIM asking for HIM to do what YOU want…but to
spend time asking what HE wants! You will love the difference…when
you have been with Jesus….

(we have always had an open forum in Shattered Men, but to protect
our members, we now have gone to only members being able to read the
messages. We will post messages that are written to help all in
healing from any wounds on our web site. I do urge each of you to
pray for this ministry as many men and women are healed from old

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