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(We often hear unsubstantiated slanders on males. Most of them are 
demonstrably false, but they’ve been well propagated by lobbyists for 
women’s interests over men’s, and have gained wide currency, even 
among males. It is in men’s interest not to believe that which is 
  This list does not denigrate women, nor seek a return to obsolete 
gender relations, but applauds men and challenges feminist dogma. Many 
women will agree with the propositions below; sadly, few feminists will. 
- narcosis) 
1. Myth: Men are uncaring, and not in touch with their feelings
Fact: Mozart, Michaelangelo, Shakespeare, Jesus, the Buddha, Martin 
Luther King, Irving Berlin, John Lennon, Spielberg, Gandhi … the vast 
majority of creative artists and spiritual teachers in human history 
were male. Very few feminists are present when men compose symphonies, 
buy flowers for their lovers, take women in labour to hospitals, or cry 
on pillows. This might explain the feminist error.
  Traditionally, men, even with their faults, have mostly shown great 
love for women and children, often at great sacrifice to themselves. 
When the ship was sinking, no woman called out “Men and children in 
the lifeboats first, we’ll go down with the ship!” Male protection 
of women and children, derided and even denied by feminism, has been 
valued by women for centuries and is still a character asset sought by 
women in their partners.
2. Myth: Men aren’t interested in discussing sensitive issues
Fact: When men get together they talk about their health, families, 
lovers, children, and their feelings about a multitude of things. They 
discuss their fears and hopes regarding employment, love, health and all 
aspects of life and death. However, when men are speaking privately 
together, no feminists (or women) are present to observe. 
3. Myth: Women’s health care deserves to get even more government 
Fact: In most Western nations, the overwhelming majority of public 
health dollars go to women’s health, although women have far better 
health than men (evidence: they live about 10 per cent longer). There is 
abundant research to show that women suffer far less suicide, addiction, 
alcoholism, injury, violence, stress-related illness  – not to mention 
male-specific diseases, of course. Unreasonably disproportionate amounts 
of funding, both private and public, go to research and treatment of 
breast cancer over testicular cancer.
4. Myth: Men are responsible for domestic violence
Fact: There is NO excuse for a man hitting a woman. However, a quick 
Internet search will reveal a wealth of research showing that most 
domestic violence is initiated by women, and grossly under-reported by 
men. Studies show repeatedly that most children who are abused or 
murdered by a parent, are victims of their mother. Verbal and emotional 
abuse, as well, are shown to be commonly borne by males.
5. Myth: If women ran governments, there would be world peace
Fact: Unfalsifiable assertions are generally fairly worthless. This 
particular assertion is unfalsifiable because it has never happened – 
a fact blamed by feminists on male power-lust rather than female 
uninterest in public service. It is widely recognised now that even 
where affirmative action is in place, women by and large tend not to 
choose political candidature. What is known, however, is that the few 
women who have achieved high office, such as Margaret Thatcher, Golda 
Meier, and so on, have tended to use warfare just as readily as some 
male leaders, and far more aggressively than most. The majority of male 
political leaders of the world's 190 or so nations have never resorted 
to warfare despite many conflicting interests.
  Furthermore, most wars are fought by nations whose leaders have been 
elected by, and directed by, equal numbers of men and women. It is 
unreasonable for men to take the blame for decisions made by both men 
and women.
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6. Myth: Women in Western nations are exploited by men
Fact: In fact, all Western nations afford equal opportunities to women 
under the law. In many instances, there is even affirmative action, 
which gives significant advantage to women even when it does not accord 
with merit or female desire (such as the right to work in poor 
conditions long accepted by men, eg, coalmines, sawmills, construction, 
sanitation). There is no affirmative action for men in any areas of male 
"disadvantage" (eg, nursing, secretarial, etc). Some public 
institutions, such as family courts, consistently and notoriously 
discriminate in favour of women. 
7. Myth: Women can raise children without men
Fact: In Western nations, fatherlessness is a more constant common 
factor among prisoners than education, socio-economic background, race, 
ethnicity and literacy. 
8. Myth: Men have made a mess of human history
Fact: Without men’s efforts, virtually all fields of human endeavour 
would be much poorer. Men can take most of the credit for the fields of 
music, visual arts, medicine, architecture, recreation, engineering, 
construction, literature, science, conflict resolution, public 
sanitation, agriculture, law and order – virtually everything. 
  History’s great leaps forward in human health, particularly 
women’s health (eg safe childbirth; fertility control) have almost all 
been achieved by men. Almost all charities and social reforms have been 
  Feminism is much less an ideology or philosophy than a strategy for 
sectional interests. Undeserved shame has been used as a political 
weapon by feminism because it weakens the "enemy". Men have much to be 
proud of and it is in their interests not to succumb to unnecessary 
feelings of guilt and shame.  
9. Myth: Women are better than men at the ‘finer’ things of life
Fact: Men are by far the world’s most influential chefs, gardeners, 
musicians, poets, singers, sculptors, furniture makers, interior 
designers and decorators, hairdressers, fashion designers, literary 
critics, calligraphers, painters and so on, and on, and on.
10. Myth: Women are interested in love; men only want sex
Fact: Women’s reading matter, such as magazines (which enormously 
outnumber men’s magazines in titles and sales) clearly contains far 
more on sex than men’s reading matter.
  A double standard of sexuality is promoted by feminists for the 
purpose of "Strategic Disempowerment": when men show sexual interest it 
is denigrated and portrayed as beastly and oppressive; when women show 
it, it is "celebrating women's sexuality" and "getting in touch with our 
sexuality". If a man visits a prostitute, he is vile and oppressive. If 
a woman calls a male sex worker for a home call, she is “a modern, 
liberated woman attending to her sexual needs and having a bit of 
fun”. This is as hypocritical a notion as the one that states that 
women who pose in pornographic, glamour or advertising photos are 
victims of men and not responsible for their actions. (It bears 
mentioning that women's magazines have far more glamour shots of women 
than men's, which are often filled with pictures of vehicles, 
landscapes, and so on.)
  On one hand, when it suits, feminists portray men as lustful brutes; 
they say women have a superior, finer sexuality. On the other (when 
convenient to disempower, by denying men’s unique sexuality), 
feminists loudly proclaim that women's sexuality does not differ in any 
significant way from men's. The two feminist propositions are mutually 
  Strategic Disempowerment attains its greatest manipulative force when 
memetically attached to strong emotions and functions such as sex, guilt 
and shame. Feminism gets a free piggyback ride in Western cultures as 
males already tend to feel Christian guilt for their natural desires. A 
man who is attracted to younger women is a "pervert"; a woman attracted 
to younger men is a role-model.
  Regarding love and romance, in all but a few cases, popular romantic 
songs and poems are written by men. In addition, only a small percentage 
of romantic gifts and vacations are purchased by women. Love and romance 
are the dream and goal of most men.
Footnote: Men and women each have their contribution to make to the 
world. This is best achieved in a spirit of equality, understanding, and 
perhaps most of all … honesty.
  The need for the raising of consciousness and male pride has never 
been more compelling.
- narcosis

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