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The hidden half of domestic violence

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The Task Before Us!

Recently, I was asked to reply to the news article "Faiths take new
approach to domestic abuse"
In researching to respond to this, I
have found much more information then I wanted to on the one sided
approach many of our Faith based organizations take. FOCUS
Ministries for one has this on their web site:

Women and children who are fleeing domestic violence need a place of
refuge where they can rebuild their lives. Our plan to meet this
need is to provide "Homes of Refuge" where they will receive
counseling, help with job skills, parenting classes, Bible studies,
spiritual direction, and a support group. There is an immediate need
in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and Madisonville,

How can you help?

Donate a house
Donate the use of a house while maintaining ownership
Cash donation towards our "Homes of Refuge" fund

Donate a house? Shattered Men has gotten less then $100 since we
started in 1999. I am not asking for money...I am asking for

I once saw a blog where Trudy Schuett of Abused Guys and the Desert
Light Journal stated that Shattered Men
does more without funds then most well funded domestic abuse centers
do. Of course we do not have actual shelters or offices which I
would like to have but we do what we can with what the Lord has
given us.

Still, with the research I have done in the last two days, I have a
feeling what Moses may have felt like when he was standing at the
Red Sea with an army behind him. The task before us is enormous.

I will NOT be intimidated and I will keep Shattered Men going in the
direction I believe GOD wants us to go.

The more research I do, the more I believe that Shattered Men is the
ONLY faith based ministry that addresses abused MEN from a Biblical
view point. Even more important, we do include abused women!

We have written to giants in ministry only to be ignored. We have
sounded the alarm of the feminist home destroying movement to have
the alarm fall on deaf ears. Many of these faith based
organizations have links which show they are empowered or that they
have at least been very much influenced by radical feminist

When Moses came to the Red Sea, He trusted that God would make a way
and he saw the Red Sea part before his eyes. I believe that GOD
will make a way for Shattered Men and I fully expect to see doors
open that will expand this ministry much more in the next few
months..but we will things GOD'S WAY!

please PRAY for this ministry and for its leadership that we will
not become discouraged, that we will know the direction that GOD has
for SM and that we will meet the needs of EACH person that comes to
this ministry for help.


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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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