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One of the first things we hear from society in general when we say we are "antifeminist" is that we do not like women. I believe in reality, the feminist (meaning the gender or radical feminist) are the ones who do not like women. I think they really are male wanna be's who have a low self worth. If we notice, may of those that do feel this way do put others down that they think are "better" then they are.

I have often stated that feminist treat women like they were little children. They want to excuse very wrong behavior from adult women while they want to hold young boys accountable as adults. Until we hold EACH person, male or female accountable for their OWN actions...we will not have "equality"

Until we see the likes of NOW change their web site and program to "equal rights for ALL" and not equal rights to 'women' we will not see equality.

Until we see feminist cross out "to women" from their STOP VIOLENCE signs....we will not see equality.

Until we have a government that will not allow special interest groups to dictate laws.....and by this I mean not allowing the radical feminist to write our domestic violence laws in that the Violence Against Women Act was written by the National Organization of Women we will not see equality.

Would we allow the KKK to write a "Violence Against Whites Act" without protest? WHY then have allowed feminist to do the same with gender relations?

Feminist have taken our SOCIETY hostage. They demand "take back the night" Well, I think WE need to take back the DAY....and let them know that they have never really lost the night except by THEIR own treatment of men. When we realize a great many of the "sexual assaults" are not about sex but are misplaced anger at women in general, we will not understand how to stop this. We do realize sexual assault IS a horrible crime no matter why it is done, but if we realize WHY it is done, we can better do something to prevent it. IF we VALUED ALL our people I think this would go a long way in doing this.

Gender feminist have been holding our BUSINESS hostage with their twisted "sexual harassment" is ok for women to go to work in short skirts and low cut blouses..but a man better not look at them for more then .34 of a second or it is harassment. The hold our business hostage by demanding "affirmative action" which "gives" women things on a silver platter meanwhile bragging that women can do anything a man can do...and often adding with a smirk...only better. Well, if that is true...let them put their money where their mouth is and let EACH person advance on their OWN merits.

They hold our BUSINESS hostage in the pay gap myth which has been disproved countless of times

Gender feminist have taken over our COLLEGES and demand "women studies" in which the S.C.U.M. manifesto is on the reading list..a book so full of literal hate that it demands the killing of almost every male. YET if a man dares tell a woman she looks good...he is brought up on charges.  ( content)

Gender feminist have been holding our COURTS hostage in that they demand and get whatever they want. FAMILY courts are anything but family friendly. Criminal courts prevent men from being able to defend themselves if accused of a crime against a woman to the point that there are a dozen women only excuses to get away with crime. A man can not bring up a perverted sexual history of a woman who has accused him of rape...even if that sexual history shows a major record of false accusations.

Our LAW ENFORCEMENT is being held hostage. 

In many areas, gender feminist actually teach our police what is a crime against women. Workshops in which feminist teach police what constitutes domestic violence is  being funded by our tax dollars by the Violence Against Women Act.  It is to the point where it is almost impossible for a woman to abuse men although unbiased sources show that women hit men first more often.  We even had a former chief of police as a moderator in Shattered Men but he not only "resigned" as moderator, he left the group.  When questioned, he did have the integrity to admit that he did find it hard to believe there were abused men.  He further admitted that he did feel he was biased in his training as a police officer and that feminist were teaching just what I have pointed out.  Why he chose to believe this lie is beyond me.

Feminist are training our police what sexual assault is. This is in spite of the fact that many feminist believe any sex a woman has with a sexual assault.  They have successfully banned testimony that not only could but would acquit  almost any man of charges of sexual assault.   Once such case was the "internet rapist who spent I believe 7 years in prison for kidnapping and raping a woman.  It was only upon an appeal that they allowed e-mail from her that showed that they met in a a bondage room and that she had fantasies of being "kidnapped, tied up and raped"  This showed they were only acting out HER fantasies.

Others have had evidence of repeated false accusations of rape denied as evidence while yet another man was being accused.  Yet, even if proven that the accusation was false, nothing or very little is done to her.  False reporting is only a misdemeanor in most areas but a charge of rape is a class A felony.  The man will often lose thousands of dollars, his reputation,  his family and often his freedom, well she most often loses nothing.

Gender feminist are holding our SCHOOLS hostage as they have made it almost a crime for boys to act like boys. We have only to read Christina Hoff Sommers recent book: The War Against Boys to see this.

Gender feminist are holding our news MEDIA hostage. When they can assure the censorship of anything that exposes them...even to the point that we could not get any press releases for the Million Dad March printed our press is a hostage. When a news paper will not run a simple business card for Shattered Men because it is "too controversial" our media is a hostage. When one of the few brave reports about the other side of abuse is made and the reporters are given literal and meaningful death threats...our press IS a hostage.

Our HEALTH CARE system is being held hostage by the feminist agenda. We have often heard about the health care gap against women BUT when this was retracted as never having existed..we have not heard one word:

Illness that effect ONLY men as opposed to mostly women get a fraction of the funding and attention.

Our FAMILIES are being held hostage. In spite of the proven harm done to both our boys and girls from fatherless homes, the war on fathers by gender feminist go on.

Gender feminist hold our CHURCHES hostage.

When WE....are forced to pay for this...WE ARE HOSTAGES!

Is it not time to TAKE BACK SOCIETY?

There is a remedy to false charges of abuse or assault.  We have to take back SOCIETY and stiffen the penalties for false accusations. .  We can no longer afford to enable anyone to falsely accuse another of a crime that will cost them dearly while at most, they will only face  a minor charge resulting in a small fine if that.  It is time to pass laws that will have a false accuser  face the SAME penalty as those they have  accused.

I also want to remind each of us...that we do reap what we sow.  If we have sexual relationships with someone not our spouse, it is far easier to be accused of doing so by force.  There is a hidden cost to sin :

Is it not time to VALUE....ALL our people??



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