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Single Moms Spark No Outrage

Summary: Single Moms Spark No Outrage -- No husband? No problem,
to 7.6 million mothers in the general population and a growing number of
television characters since Murphy Brown.,10958,181385,00.html

People Daily News
October 26, 2001

Single Moms Spark No Outrage
by C. Young

Week after week "Friends" is right up there with "ER" as the most popular
show in the United States. Its latest plotline has Rachel getting pregnant
and turning down Joey's offer of marriage. "I'm not looking for a
husband," she said, just one of many single moms on TV. And nobody got
mad. Not a peep from social conservatives like Dan Quayle who got livid
about Murphy Brown (Candace Bergen) having a baby without a husband nine
years ago. "The professional single mother is no longer the pariah," said
Sheri Annis, a media and political consultant, to the Los Angeles Times.
"People aren't looking down on single motherhood because it's everywhere.
They're concerned about the children who don't have the access to
education and health care." Don DeVine, vice chairman of the American
Conservative Union, attributed the lack of outrage to something else:
"Most people have figured Hollywood is irretrievable and have tried to go
about living their lives around it, or without it," adding, "no matter how
much brainwashing Hollywood does, those conservative values stay there.
It's hard to find a liberal these days that doesn't see a single mom as a
problem . . . Conservatives still don't like what's going on in Hollywood
and New York." According to the census, the number of single mothers in
the United States grew by 27 percent from 1990 to 2000 (for a total of 7.6
million) after growing by 46 percent from 1980 to 1990.

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