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Insignificant Me


Significant Me

Throughout my life, I've come to see
There isn't anything special about insignificant me
My brother made our parents proud with his A's and B's
But a C average was the best the got from
insignificant me
I raised my hand in class, but the teacher did not see
She called on her favorites, but never insignificant
In class plays I never got a part, much less the lead
The spot light was not a place for insignificant me
Friends were few and far between
No one took the time to know insignificant me
I never had a date, my calendar was always free
The boys didn't seem to notice insignificant me
When the pain came, it got as bad as it could be
I never thought it could happen to insignificant me
I cried out for help, you see
But no one would listen to insignificant me
Not much has changed for me
Still no one reaches out for insignificant me
Please don't say those words, I can't believe
Your "I love you's" won't reach insignificant me
Sometimes the world I wish I could leave
Would anyone miss insignificant me

                    written by Chrissy Walters

In this new life, I've come to see
There is nothing insignificant about me
Grades were always important in my family
But this test, I am passing significantly
No my teachers never did call on me
I now understand they were blind and could not see
What my Wonderful Father sees in me
Every day my new Teacher calls on me
To fight the battles for others like me
For others who are blind and can not see
How significant they could be
I now have a part, but will never have a lead
The Glory belongs to someone else, but his light is in
He is my best friend, A rue friend indeed
He's shown me all the beautiful things about me
A beauty that shines within, bursting out so all can
He's shown me how much he loves and adores me
I have no doubt pain will again come to me
But I have no fear, because I stand strong and free
If ever again I feel scared or lonely
At a moments prayer he will come to me
This world I will one day leave
But not until I've done all he's asked of me
Until then, I will continue to love all the
"insignificant me's"
Until they see the significant beauty in them that I
If you look in the darkness you will no longer find me
And never again will you find an insignificant Chrissy.

                            written by Chrissy Walters

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