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The Sign!

The sign above was made by  brother in law used a router.   This was about 6 months after Shattered Men was founded. At that time, my wife as not as supportive and we had a major argument. My wife was doing yard work and was burning twigs  and leaves in the yard (we have 5 acres so there were a lot of it) You guessed it. I got mad and threw that sign in the fire. There were actual flames all around it. I left that sign there for a couple of hours. It was still there...just like the three Hebrew Children in the furnace except this sign was slightly charred...just enough evidence that it was in the fire...but it was INTACT. 

That was on a Sunday and we had chat on that night. I was to lead it. I started out saying that I did not want to be there BUT.... Then explained what happened...and believe me...GOD got my attention regarding Shattered Men. He let me know
with that sign which should have ignited within moments, that Shattered Men was NOT was HIS!

I did confess in chat that night that I sinned against GOD, and I sinned against my wife and my brother in law.  I also told them that I knew that the gates of hell would not prevail against this ministry...GOD's ministry.  

Since this  time, Shattered Men has been under attack many times.  Some have sought to water it down.  Some wanted it to be "less Christian"  Others wanted it to be gender neutral.  It  was the ladies in Shattered Men that replied to hold the keep it focused on men.  These precious ladies posted on the message board that they...the women did have other places to get help, but the men would have no where to go at least from a Biblical prospective.  Some have sought to even destroy it.  Several have come to chat to proclaim this aim.  Most of these are now serving the LORD.  One hacker contacted me to tell me she was offered money to hack into my pc to destroy it and wanted to know if I would "up the offer" and she would destroy the pc of those who wanted mine destroyed.  I told her that even if she offered to do it for free, I would say NO....Vengeance belongs to GOD and IF HE wanted their pc destroyed, HE could do it without my help.

The Bible tells us that when we do things HIS way, it will seldom be popular.  I have found that even in our churches, talking about any abuse is taboo.  Talking about men is just about treated as a cardinal sin.  

How can you help?  

1: PRAY for this ministry and it's leaders.  We need prayer warriors that will intercede for this ministry and those that need it more then anything else. 

2:  JOIN  Shattered Men.   One need not have been abused to be a member of this ministry.  One only needs to care about those that were.  Normally I would say that "numbers" in our Christian groups are not as important as substance.  Numbers are however more important to this ministry because the more that are members, the more it does show that the problem exist and that people care.

3: TELL others about this ministry.  We can not help those that do not know about it.  My friend, well over a dozen men and women are alive today because they found....Shattered Men.  Help us keep more alive because they find that someone...DOES care about them.   We have business cards available on this site which you can print off (on cardboard stock) and cut out to hand out to your pastor and others to inform them about Shattered Men.   You can also IM or e-mail someone that you think needs this ministry and tell them about it.  Just use this link:  and tell them to click "join now" in the top right corner.  If you are not a member, we would love for you to do this now too.  It is an active group so we do suggest electing "no e-mail" when given the option and then going to the group to read the messages.

Again, you need not have been abused, to be a part.  Just caring about those who have been is enough. 

4:  WRITE:   Write to your Senator, Representative (both national and state) and inform them you do want equal justice and that there is no help for half the victims of abuse.  Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper whenever you see a one sided story on these issues and ask that they do ask the other side for their input on it.  

5: REFER:  If someone (man or woman) talks to you saying they were or are being abused, Listen to them, validate them and then  refer them to Shattered Men.

6:  PRAY   Yes, I know that was the number one answer but I have repeated it IS the NUMBER ONE NEED!

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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