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 The Massachusetts News  seems to be one of the few crusading newspapers left who seek truth and justice for all citizens.

    Here is another story of a man driven by his home and children by an emotionally-troubled wife. Sexual discrimination seems obvious in the decision as the psychiatric test results seem unambiguous.
    Imagine this man's children 20 years from now. One doesn't anticipate they will be productive members of society. So all citizens will pay for Judge Langlois' decision.
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Young men should be cautious of marriage
Judge shows young men that a wife can destroy a family at her whim

                                                April 2, 2001
                                                The Massachusetts News
                                                2001 Massachusetts News, Inc.
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Many young women are being told by their boyfriends they're not sure they want to "commit" to marriage.

Those young men got valuable advice about being cautious last Friday from a Massachusetts judge.

This judge's decision will result in serious damage to the institution of marriage and to all mothers and their children, say observers. They caution that no man should ever enter into marriage without understanding that his future wife can destroy him and her children at her whim.

"This will make the feminists very happy," said the Publisher of Massachusetts News, Attorney J. Edward Pawlick, "because they have stated many times that they want to destroy the institution of marriage in order to make women 'free.' This judge has given them a giant step toward doing that."

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Margaret Marshall, is an avowed feminist.
Catherine Newell Given Lifetime Restraining Order
 Catherine N. Newell was given a permanent, lifetime restraining order last Friday against her former husband, Kenneth Newell, by Judge Robert L. Langlois, even though the woman has been {Ed. Note: In Colorado permanent restraining orders are always for life]:

* On drugs.
* Diagnosed by the courts with serious psychological problems.
* Recommended for treatment in a hospital, and
* Made more than twenty false charges to police of violence by her former husband, the latest being on November 30, 2000.

 "When we first discovered Ken Newell and his family a year ago, we knew we had the perfect case to tell the public the terrible things that are happening to families in Massachusetts. Here was a man who was striving to help his wife who had mental problems and to protect his young children. But we never believed in our wildest dreams that any judge could be this stupid or this arrogant. The best you can say about Robert Langlois is that he is suffering from burnout after his six years on the bench. Everyone knows that if a judge hears only domestic cases every day, it leads to burnout."
"Newell has had one of the best lawyers in the state, Chester Darling, working for him for the past year, but it really doesn't seem to matter to many of the judges in this state what the facts are."
said the publisher of Massachusetts News, Atty. J. Edward Pawlick.
Langlois' decision is causing many observers to wonder if the husband should have abandoned his children as advised by the court therapist at the time of divorce. "Ken, you have to understand one thing," Dr. Krock told him. "You will never win. What will probably happen is you're going to end up in jail."

Many other fathers are also saying that Newell should have known better. What made him think he had any chance of winning any more than the thousands of other men who have suffered at the hands of the feminist judges?
"Langlois will now hide behind his judicial robes and say that he can't comment. It's just another indication of why we need to have election of judges where they have to report back to the people every five or ten years. It would not be a perfect system because there can be many things wrong with a system of electing judges. But nothing could be worse than this arrogant travesty we saw today." said Atty. Pawlick.

Started Two Years Ago

When Ken Newell told Massachusetts News in the fall of 1999 that his family had been persecuted by his mentally disturbed wife and her free poverty lawyers for a year, the paper was skeptical at first. But after a thorough investigation by Ed Oliver, we published the story in full in March 2000. Newell had been forced to declare bankruptcy after a hellish year of over 20 false charges by his wife to the police which left him fighting those false charges in three different courts.

"With all of the power and all of the federal and state money that Legal Services are granted, our family didn't stand a chance," he said.

He was particularly concerned about his two children who were unnecessarily exposed to this conflict.

He said that after he tried to follow the advice of his wife's doctor to get her mental help in 1998, she was able to use the system to destroy the family by making repeated false accusations of violence and death threats which resulted in an arrest record against him in her divorce and custody cases.

He was fighting those cases in Brockton and Quincy District Courts and Dedham Probate Court.
Court Tests Show Wife's Mental Problems

He had found a copy of his wife's psychological tests in his court file and produced them at an interview with Massachusetts News in early December 1999 as evidence to support what he was telling us. He felt that with his back to the wall, a growing arrest record and a legal system geared to women's causes, there was no other way to defend himself other than to go to the press. He was subsequently ordered to return any copies of the test results.

"The psych test came back and my wife is practically declared crazy," Newell said.

The results said his wife is "experiencing numerous psychological problems." It continued, "Ms. Newell's degree of stress and depression raise genuine concern about her safety should she find herself in more emotionally charged situations." At such times, "She is prone to act impulsively and has an extremely psychologically immature manner of coping with situations
It continued: "Ms. Newell's significant elevations on scale 4 and 6 (Psychopathic Deviate and Paranoia) suggest an individual who is often viewed as immature, self-centered and self-indulgent. They typically make excessive and unrealistic demands on relationships. Individuals with this pattern often seek attention and sympathy from others. They may tend to be suspicious of others and resentful of demands made on them.

Relationship problems are characteristic of their psychological conflicts, especially those involving members of the opposite sex. They are often viewed as irritable, sullen, argumentative, and resentful of authority."

It said further tests were needed to rule out organic impairment. Other possibilities were substance abuse (for which she tested positive, it said) or more serious emotional disturbance. The test called for a re-evaluation of her current treatment regimen based on the severity of her level of depression and stress.

The test results say clinical elevations were also noted on scales 1, 2 and 3 (Hypochondriasis, Depression, and Hysteria) and mild elevations on scales 7 and 8 (Psychastenia and Schizophrenia).

In contrast, Newell's test results revealed mild depression due to his family and legal circumstances but said he was coping fairly well with stress. It said further there was "no evidence of a disturbance in his thought processes." The report concluded that Newell "might benefit at this time of great upheaval in his life" from therapy.
Newell is given orders

Kenneth Newell was ordered by Judge Langlois, who completed a one-page form, to always remain 100 yards away from Catherine Newell, even if she seems to allow or request any contact with him. He was ordered to stay away from her residence or her workplace, if she ever gets a job. (She is presently on Social Security disability because of her mental problems).

Newell was ordered to surrender all guns, ammunition, gun licenses and FID cards.

Although there is no evidence that Newell has ever been anything but a good father, he was ordered not to "stalk" his children.

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