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There are several reasons questions may be asked. Of course, the best
known reason is to obtain information. A rhetorical question is asked
in order to make a point, and does not expect an answer

Questions can also be used to bring doubt, to challenge and to show
rebellion. The first question recorded in the Bible was: "Yea, hath
God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?"

This question was designed to cause doubt.

Jesus was asked questions. Nicodemus asked them to clarify what Jesus
meant when He said that to see the kingdom of God, we must be born
again. (John 3) The woman at the well asked how Jesus could give
her "living water" when he had no means to draw water from the well.
(John 4)

We are told of others that asked questions too. The Pharisees often
asked them to entrap, to cause doubt and rebellion. One example of
this was when they asked Jesus if it was lawful to pay taxes. (Matt
22:17) In Matt. 21:23 the chief priest asked Jesus by what authority
He did the things He did. They were not interested in the answer.
They asked it to entrap Jesus.

Suppose you are a parent with a teenager. You asked the teenager to
bow the lawn. Now suppose they were not sure what you asked them to do
so they asked..."did you ask me to mow the lawn?" We would accept this
as a ligament question to clarify what they were suppose to do would we
not? Suppose they asked you want ME to mow the lawn? I am
sure the tone of voice would indicate a challenge and rebellion more
then wanting clarification. It would be more like "how dare you expect
me to mow the lawn".

Many who come to Shattered Men have questions....difficult questions
and we have always welcomed them. We do NOT give "pat answers" This is
from one of the messages we posted here:

"You see my friend, in spite of the pain I so very often have...the
tears that so often flow from my eyes because so many have these
questions that are posted above...I KNOW oh how I KNOW without a doubt
that JESUS IS THE ANSWER. The presences of my LORD is so real to me as
I sit here typing this out, trusting that these will not be my
words...but HIS words to reach out to many that have these questions
running through their mind.

Many of those we are reaching out to have been shattered. They have
broken homes, and often broken bones and wonder where is this GOD you
are always telling me about. Oh it is so easy to say Jesus cares or
Jesus is the answer but that is a cop out. It is like going to the
doctor for a deadly illness and being handed a bunch of pills as he
says..."Take these" and pushes you out the door and yells "next" but he
never bothers to tell you how to take the pills.

My friend, we in Shattered Men will not simply tell you Jesus is the
answer. We want to tell you how He is"

There is one one can tell what the answer is simply by
reading the subject of a message posted here. When one only reads the
title and replies, they are making an amazing jump to conclusions and
that my friend is not a very good form of exercise.

We have had some ask "IS GOD TOO BUSY??"

Others have asked "Where was God when I was being abused"

We do not mind difficult questions but in all reality, we may not have
the answer people want. Many here have been in our chats. They know
that I encourage interactive chats and I have seldom if ever evaded
questions in our chats.

Where is GOD? Answers for an "Atheist"

I think half of the messages we have written have been to answer
questions. We are told to try the spirits to see if they be of GOD.
This tells me that GOD does not mind questions either...if we are
asking for ligament reasons and not as a form of rebellion. I wonder
what some would say about the answers Jesus gave to some of the
questions He was asked? I wonder what they would say about the fact
that often…He did not even answer them.


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