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Poster Child of the Democratic Party
by Rachel Alexander

A close look at one of the many bottom feeders in our society, and how the Democratic Party’s social programs and tax credits perpetuate and actually encourage more of this breed of scum dwelling fish.

Poster Child of the Democratic Party
Rachel Alexander
April 20, 2002

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the policies of the Democratic Party encourage people to remain lazy, claim victim status, and leech off of the money of taxpayers and anyone else’s money they can get their lazy fingers on. It is due in large part to the perpetuation of these bottom feeders that taxpayers eventually flee the Democratic Party. As the old saying goes, “if you’re not liberal in your 20’s you have no heart, and if you’re not conservative in your 40’s you have no head.” A lifetime of observing these bottom feeders will build up cynicism in even the most generous of bleeding hearts. After years of the Democrats raising taxes over and over to give more and more money to those who refuse to work, it is plainly obvious that these programs have not helped the lower classes, and have actually created a new breed of people who actively CHOOSE to be lower class and subsist on money from taxpayers.

The following description is of a real person, “Chastity,” who is living in Tucson, Arizona. Although this woman is appalling, she is unfortunately typical of many in Generation X. She “gets by” on her looks, high heels and nylons, while destroying the lives of others in her path. She feeds off of the earnings of others. When you closely examine her life, it’s astonishing how many times she has gotten away with abusing the system and picking the pockets of others. Every decision she has made in her life was solely her own, but the social programs and message of the Democratic Party aren’t going to remind her of that; instead, they encourage her to blame other people and continue with her pathetic life of bottom feeding. In the donkey party, there is no room for stigma, which is condemned as “hate.” Instead, the Democrats would have us sit dumbly as our tax dollars are handed over to these scum dwellers, endlessly perpetuating the cycle of bottom feeder breeding bottom feeder, which has been proven in study after study to be handed down generation after generation.

Raised on welfare by a divorced mom, Chastity chose early on as a teenager to abuse drugs and engage in promiscuous sex. She ran away from home at age 16 to become a “crack whore” cohabitating with a 40 year old man, never bothering to finish high school. Constantly pregnant, she had ten abortions at Planned Parenthood, all paid for by taxpayers. Although Planned Parenthood claims they do not use taxpayer dollars for abortions in states like Arizona where taxpayer funded abortions are illegal, they have found ways to get around the law, as was discovered recently with the Colorado Planned Parenthood.

Desperate to get married, because she had no skills or way to support herself - she does not believe that women need to support themselves - Chastity married the first man who would marry her, Husband No. 1, and had a daughter with him. She continuously engaged in adulterous affairs, but stayed with Husband No. 1 for the monetary benefits until she could find another man to marry her. She preferred living with him to moving back in with her mother or finding a job herself. Acting out the life of the soap operas she watched at home every day, Chastity took pleasure in bragging to Husband No. 1 about the affairs she was having, driving him to erupt angrily. Instead of leaving Husband No. 1 when he became angry at her bragging, she would call the police, who always showed up to defend her and generate police reports stating that her husband had engaged in “domestic violence.” Chastity considered herself a “victim,” telling the police that her husband was a domestic violence abuser.

An outgoing woman, Chastity constantly flirted with men and obtained new sexual partners. By wearing high heels and hose, and lying about her past, she was able to pull the wool over many men’s eyes. This is how she snared Husband No. 2, marrying him within five months of meeting him, barely enough time to divorce Husband No. 1. Chastity had a second child, a son, with Husband No. 2. During the pregnancy, she abused alcohol, drugs, particularly meth which she did every day, and smoked heavily. As a result, her son suffers severe asthma and has other health problems such as abdominal pains, eye allergies and deformities that would normally be unheard of in a young boy. He has problems bonding with adults, probably because of the alcohol and drug abuse when he was in the womb. Chastity’s pattern of adultery abuse repeated itself with Husband No. 2. She continued to seek out new sexual partners, bragging about her sexual immorality to his face, to make him explode with anger. She learned to call the police over the littlest squabble, in order to get sympathy, and the police would obligingly come out and make a police report, effectively creating a record labeling Husband No. 2 also as a “domestic violence abuser,” and her as the “victim.” Another favorite tactic of Chastity’s was to lock her husband out of the apartment when they fought over her affairs, taunting him as he tried to get back in, and of course, calling the police every time. Each time the police were called out to her apartment resulted in yet another incident where taxpayer dollars paid for her sick immorality games. She aborted two of his children against his will, causing him even more pain.

Unfortunately, Chastity is the type of person who is only concerned with instant gratification provided by sexual attention from the opposite sex. Unlike responsible adults, who try to remedy the damage an affair has caused, Chastity chooses to make the situation worse by using the remedies set up for her by the Democrats’ programs. Under the Democratic created “domestic violence” laws, she could call the police and get her husband labeled in a public record as an abuser, even if there was no violence. Instead of being a responsible adult and 1) stopping the affairs, 2) getting counseling, or 3) leaving the situation or the marriage, Chastity repeatedly chose to spend taxpayers’ money and create a public record bringing the whole world into her life and forever ruining her husbands’ names. Of course, none of the domestic violence charges ever stuck, but the police records will always be there, a black mark on those men’s records should a future employer ever do a search on their backgrounds.

Eventually, Chastity found another lover who would marry her, and divorced Husband No. 2. Chastity admitted she wasn’t interested in her second child and deserted him for the first few years of his life in order to party late into the night and get high, willingly letting his father, Husband No. 2, raise him. Husband No. 2, a computer professional, dearly loved his son and wanted him. Years later, when the boy was four, she decided she wanted him back in order to get free child support money and a playmate for her other son so she could watch TV in peace, and had no problem getting the courts to hand over custody. She asked for just enough more custody than Husband No. 2 in order to make her eligible for all of the tax benefits and child support, but not enough custody to have to take care of her son full-time. Unfortunately the courts are more concerned with police reports of “domestic violence” and giving children to their natural mothers than they are with looking at the whole picture. It didn’t matter that Husband No. 2 was a computer professional who had solely raised the little boy the first four years of his life and really wanted him. It didn’t matter to the courts that neither Chastity nor her latest husband, Husband No. 3, are incapable of holding a steady job. Chastity works on and off at gas stations as a clerk. Husband No. 3 works on and off as a bartender, and was fired twice from bartending jobs in the last year. One evening late at night, he was hanging out getting drunk at the bar after getting off work, and his boss cautioned him not to drive home drunk. Instead of heeding his boss’ warning, Husband No. 3 swore at the boss and drove home drunk anyways. The boss fired him.

Currently, Chastity and Husband No. 3 chain-smoke inside the house, which irritates her son’s asthma. The costs of her son’s asthma medication and treatment are borne by Husband No. 2’s insurance company, which then spreads those costs out to the rest of its insured, which has an effect on all health insurance companies and their premiums eventually. The cost of Chastity’s selfish choice to smoke inside the house are also eventually borne by all of us. A recent study concluded that each pack of cigarettes a smoker smokes results in over a $7 cost to taxpayers in health costs later on. Under age 30, Chastity is young enough to have been aware at a young age that smoking leads to cancer and that secondhand smoke can be harmful. Chastity repeatedly neglects to give her son the medicine he needs for his stomach problems, which inevitably results in more trips to the doctor and may sadly eventually result in serious medical problems for him in the future, again another cost that will inevitably be spread to the rest of us. Chastity’s philosophy is to do the minimal amount of work necessary to subsist. Chastity’s opinion of her children, which she proudly tells all who will listen? “Little servants.” She paid her 5-year old asthmatic son $5 to clean up all of the strewn cigarette butts behind the trailer they live in. She hates reading and complains about helping her children with their homework. When she actually has a job, on her days off she chooses to put her son in daycare rather than have him with her. Our taxpayer dollars are subsidizing her choice of putting her son in daycare, since she is eligible for a tax credit for daycare. Her drug and alcohol abuse continues. She refuses to fix the air conditioning in her car, making the 100+ degree summer temperatures extremely hard on her young children. Instead, she proudly tells everyone who will listen that she is saving for breast implants.

Although she is almost 30 years old, Chastity has no plans of ever completing high school. And why should she? She is doing quite well financially thanks to the taxpayers and the husbands she has abused. She has told her ex-husbands that she expects to get more and more child support out of them as their careers advance, since several hundred dollars a month in child support is not enough for her. She spends the absolute minimum amount of money on her children. Her daughter gets her clothes, toys, and healthcare insurance from Husband No. 1. Her son receives his clothing and healthcare from Husband No. 2. Other than food, she buys virtually nothing for the children. If a cost comes up for one of her children, she calls one of the children’s fathers for money.

She makes a killing off of the tax benefits, courtesy of the taxpayers. This year, she gets back 35% of the cost of daycare from the Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses, which is $1512, paid for by us taxpayers. She receives $1200 from the Child Tax Credit, for claiming both of her children. She gets $3390 from the Earned Income Credit, also for claiming both of her children (she wouldn’t get any money back if she couldn’t claim them). She has no federal income taxes withheld from her paychecks during the year since she knows she will make a huge killing at tax time. And boy does she make a killing – a whopping $2712 refund this year. Husbands No. 1 and 2, although they care for their children part of the week, get to claim none of this. The Democrats have successfully made sure that the parent with the majority of the custody - which is usually the natural mother thanks to the laws they’ve created - gets a lot of money for nothing. And boy her children are getting nothing – when they are around, she sends them to their rooms to watch TV while she watches her own TV. Bedtime for the children is 7:30, to get them out of the way.

In ten to fifteen years, when Chastity inevitably gets cancer (having an abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 50%, and her ten abortions and heavy chain smoking have greatly increased this risk), either taxpayers will directly pay for it through Medicaid if she does not have healthcare, or if she does have insurance, will indirectly pay for it as insurance premiums rise. She probably already has STDs, and if not, she soon will, since according to her bragging she engages in risky types of sexual behavior. The cost of HIV and AIDS treatment is staggering, and no doubt will be footed by the taxpayers one way or another.

So why are we paying bottom feeders like her to raise children? Why are the courts perpetuating the lineage of lazy deadbeats like her? Wouldn’t the fully employed fathers who love their children provide a better environment? Whatever happened to the stigma against committing adultery and neglecting your children? Why are parents allowed to take a vacation from raising their children for the first four (hardest) years of their children’s lives, then entitled to have them back when it’s advantageous to them, with all the money and benefits? Even animals do not desert their young. Thanks to the Democrats, it’s now called “hate” to criticize the bottom feeders and the programs they abuse. In this new world created by the Democrats, everything is backwards – the bottom feeders are now the “victims” and the parents who actually want their children and desire a monogamous, loyal marriage are the “domestic violence abusers.” No wonder the police are frequently confused as to who is the victim and who is the perpetrator when they investigate domestic violence calls.

There are a growing number of people like this poster child of the Democratic Party who deliberately choose bottom feeder life. These bottom dwellers are considered normal members of society by the Democratic Party, which refuses to criticize them. Perhaps the Democratic Party’s symbol should be a carp instead of a donkey.

Note: Key identifying information has been altered to prevent this person from being identified.

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