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Why is it fraud only if a man does cons people out of money they know they do not deserve?  If a woman willfully knows the child she is carrying is not the person she is accusing of  being the father and she collects money from him based on this not fraud in the truest criminal sense also?  Yet this real crime not only goes unpunished, this crime goes on for 18 plus years.    If someone sold you stock that was worthless and was found guilty for fraud for doing it,  can you imagine if you were ordered to pay for that stock for the next 20 years in spite of this?

Following is a published transcript of a recent (Denver) Channel 7 News
investigation into blatant paternity fraud by... guess who.

I've left the format pretty much as it is on the site, so skip over some
of the distracting stuff like the surveys.

Robert Muchnick
Center for Children's Justice
Denver, CO (link not active)



   7NEWS Investigates: Paternity Problems

   A Tony Kovaleski Investigation Aired Jan. 31, 2002

   DENVER -- Has a Denver mother committed fraud? Does a man
   have a right to know he's not the biological father? It's
   an issue of ethics, honesty and an outdated Colorado law.

   Dylan Davis Video Watch Tony Kovaleski's interview with
   Dylan Davis.
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   7NEWS Investigator Tony Kovaleski explained how a DNA
   test confirmed years of suspicion and created a
   controversy between the law, modern science and a
   Colorado family.

   On home video, Dylan Davis can be seen playing with his
   twins just days before his divorce.

   "It hurts. I mean I love them, but you know why do they
   deserve to live a lie?" Dylan Davis asks.

   For nearly six years Dylan believed he was their
   biological father -- their real dad.

   Tony Kovaleski/ 7NEWS: Do you love them?
   Dylan Davis, ex-husband, ex dad: Yes I do. Yes.

   [21560.gif] WOMEN ONLY: Do you believe the State of
   Colorado should continue to force Dylan Davis to pay
   child support despite DNA proof that he's not the twins'
   paternal father? [21560.gif]
   (_) Yes
   (_) No
   (_) I don't know
   Results | Disclaimer

   Eight years into the marriage, the relationship crumbled.
   After the divorce was final, Dylan acted on a rumor he
   heard years before -- that the unthinkable had occurred,
   that another man may have fathered his twins.

   The possibility brought him to a genetic testing center
   in Denver.

   John Bergren, Analytical Genetic Testing: When you're
   excluded in a case, you can be 100 percent sure you're
   not the father.

   That's exactly what the lab told Dylan --- the truth came
   back in black and white.

   Kovaleski: What was it like when your read that report?
   Dylan Davis: I lost two kids I couldn't believe it. I
   didn't want to believe it. The DNA doesn't lie.

   Dylan said he now knows the twins were conceived while he
   served in the Navy during the Gulf War. But despite proof
   he's not the dad, Colorado law and legal technicalities
   require him to write a child support check every month
   for the next 12 years.

   [21560.gif] MEN ONLY: Do you believe the State of
   Colorado should continue to force Dylan Davis to pay
   child support despite DNA proof that he's not the twins'
   paternal father? [21560.gif]
   (_) Yes
   (_) No
   (_) I don't know
   Results | Disclaimer

   Kovaleski: Is this about money?
   Dylan Davis: No. It's about accountability. The laws are
   holding me accountable for something that I did not do.

   That accountability will cost Dylan more than $145,000
   between now and the twins' 19th birthday.

   Under Colorado law, a man has only five years to contest
   whether or not he's the biological father. The twins were
   six and the divorce was final so it was too late when the
   DNA proved Dylan's not their dad.

   Carnell Smith, Citizens Against Paternity Fraud: I
   believe the guy who got the mother pregnant should be
   paying child support.

   The founder and director of Atlanta-based Citizens
   Against Paternity Fraud estimates that Dylan's dilemma
   impacts 1 million men nationwide.

   Carnell Smith, Citizens Against Paternity Fraud: Dylan
   has been tricked by the mother and trapped by the law.

   7 news investigates -- mother

   Kovaleski: Ms. Davis?
   Stacey Davis, Dylan's ex-wife: (at car) Yea
   Kovaleski: Do you have a moment?
   Stacey Davis: Nope -- not for you.

   We asked Dylan's ex-wife for reaction.

   Kovaleski: Do you want to see the results? Do you think
   he should keep paying?

   Kovaleski: Ultimately, when this is over what do you
   Dylan Davis: I don't ever want this to happen to another
   family again. This is not right.Children do not deserve

   Dylan says he will pursue a change in Colorado's law. We
   spoke with state representative Andrew Romanoff. He's
   reviewing the possibilities and considering sponsoring a
   change in the law.

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