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ACFC ANALYSIS -- Oppression of Men, Women and Children

Thanks to Dr. Ed Bartlett for this Special Report on Amnesty
International documentation of the selective killing of men in
Afghanistan.  This is especially relevant to our issues because
of this administration's recent tilt toward the infantile rhetoric of
radical feminism, with it's expression of concern for oppression
of the "women and children" of Afghanistan, as if the systemic
slaughter of men by the Taliban just doesn't matter.

The correct way for this administration to formulate its war aim
if truly believed in equal protection of law as the most basic
Principle of Freedom, would be to demand an end to Taliban
oppression of "men, women and children."

The overwhelming majority of the American people, as well as
the rest of the world, would accept the common sense of the
inclusion of "men" as people worth saving from oppression.
Failing to include "men" in its war aim statement is a betrayal
of the Principles of Freedom, as well as a betrayal of the heroes
of 9-11, and of our fighting men and women now overseas.

The fact that common sense has eluded this administration on
this point, demonstrates the continuing destructive influence of
the victim mentality of radical feminism.  Shameless pandering
to that pathetic way of thinking may have worked in American
politics for the last generation, but it is also a direct cause of
the disapproval of American politics by most of the rest of the
world, and of the hatred of America as "The Great Satan" by
most of the Islamic world.

Shameless pandering to the victim feminist mindset by our
political "elites" is thus a direct contributing cause of the 9-11
disaster.  It is also a direct contributing cause of the continuing
failure of this administration's public relations campaign in the
Islamic world.  Not only is the Islamic world never going to buy
into the American brand of radical feminist insanity, but for this
administration to continue such rhetoric can only continue to
provoke richly deserved contempt in most of the Islamic world.

Despite our recent technological success in Afghanistan, this
war is far from over.  This weak-minded administration is still
fully capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  All
of modern technology will avail us nothing, if it is not guided
by sound political and strategic thinking.  By allowing radical
feminist pandering to hijack its rhetoric last week, this weak-
minded administration not only betrayed the Principles of
Freedom that are the only sure guide to victory in the war on
terrorism, it also betrayed the hopes of all mankind for a better
world where all people are treated with basic human dignity,
honor and respect that is the birthright of every man, woman
and child on Earth.

On this Thanksgiving Day, let us honor the memory of the
heroes of 9-11 who gave the last full measure of devotion to
aid victims of the Forces of Darkness, pray for the safety
of our fighting men and women overseas, and pray that our
leaders find sound political and strategic wisdom to guide
all of us safely through the trials that still lie ahead.


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  Since the emergence of the Taleban in Afghanistan in 1994, it is
clear that men and boys have been the target of severe civil rights
abuses, including widespread killings directed at civilian men. While
Afghan women have had their rights to education and employment
curtailed and in a number of cases have been killed, it is clear that
it is men who have been selectively targeted for widespread detention,
torture, and execution.

  These civil rights abuses have been eloquently documented a series of
media advisories and annual reports compiled by Amnesty International,
which can be found at

  These human rights violations are summarized here (date of report is
indicated in parentheses):

. In 1996, Amnesty International (AI) issued a report titled, "Grave
Abuses in the Name of Religion." The document stated, "Hundreds of
men, possibly over one thousand, have been taken prisoner and continue
to be held in arbitrary and unacknowledged detention, while dozens of
men have been beaten in the streets to make them attend Friday prayers
in the mosque (November 12, 1996).

. In July 1997, AI reported, "the Taleban has rounded-up as many as
2,000 men from the Tajik and Hazara minorities from their homes in
Kabul over the past few days...There have been no reports that these
men were involved in fighting...These men are living in appalling
conditions. They have limited access to food, and there have been
reports of beating and ill-treatment in custody" (July 25, 1997).

. On August 8, 1998, the Taleban took over Mazar-e Sharif. After taking
control of the city, thousands of ethnic Hazara civilians, mostly
males, were killed. The men were killed in their homes, in the streets
where they bodies were left for several days, and while attempting to
flee the city. According to the Amnesty International report, the
Taleban "entered Hazara houses one by one, killing older men and
children and taking away young men without explanation" (September 3,

. In August 1999, the Taleban forcibly recruited hundreds of children
and young men from destitute families in Kabul to cut vine trees and
seal irrigation ditches. In Bamiyan, "Estimates vary widely, but
hundreds of men, and some young women and children, who were
separated from their families and taken away, remain unaccounted for
at the end of 1999 (International Report 2000).

. On January 7, 2001, 300 unarmed men in Yakaolang were massacred
by the Taleban. According to eyewitness accounts, Taleban forces began
to arrest and execute Hazara persons after recapturing the Yakaolang
district from Hezb-e Wahdat armed forces (March 28, 2001).

. In 2001 Amnesty International issued a major report, "Afghanistan:
Making Human Rights the Agenda." The report notes the "Taleban are
reported to have killed thousands of civilians in massacres and
indiscriminate attacks." The report further reveals that children
(presumably boys) have been used as child soldiers (November 1, 2001).

. Twenty-five men, alleged supporters of former Afghan king Mohammad
Zahir Shah, were arrested on November 1, 2001. The men were to be
executed the following day. The Taleban did not indicate what the
charges were or whether there had been a trial (November 2, 2001).

  Amnesty International is not the only organization to document the
civil rights abuses of men. Recently, United Nations personnel in
Afghanistan wrote a 55-page report that documents the killings. The
report notes that in Nayak, Taleban fighters in eight pickups entered
the village. Over the next five hours, "the Taliban search party
rounded up all of the males they could find [and] shot them in firing
squads" (Chicago Tribune October 12, 2001).

  Various reports issued since 1996 have documented repeated and
flagrant human rights abuses by the Taleban. While the Taleban has
deprived Afghan women of their right to education, employment, and
freedom of movement, it is also clear that the Taleban has selectively
targeted men in a series of forced detentions, torture, and executions.
Thus, thousands of innocent men have lost the most precious right of
all: the right to life.

Copyright Amnesty International
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