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New York's newest deadbeat dad
This is a mayor who helped create the unfair "child custody"
laws to which he now must face the music.
What goes around, comes around.
Prediction: next we will hear how Mayor Giuliani is abusing his wife
or how his moving on with another woman is detrimental to the kids
and therefore, his wife should keep the kids. Thus she gets custody.
Fathers have no rights in this country - now Mayor Giuliani will find
this out for himself.
From: News and Views | City Beat |
Friday, July 27, 2001
Judge Tells Rudy:
Pay Donna
$1,800 per month;
mayor has moved out
Daily News Staff Writers
Mayor Giuliani was ordered to pay $1,800 a month in temporary
child support yesterday as it was revealed he has officially
moved out of Gracie Mansion - apparently for good.
Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Judith Gische,
who is overseeing the mayor's bitter divorce
from First Lady Donna Hanover, ruled that since
Giuliani "no longer resides with [Hanover] and
the children, [she] is the 'custodial parent'
entitled to child support."
The decision came as mayoral buddy Howard
Koeppel confirmed that Giuliani has been living
rent-free at his East Side apartment "for some
time." The Daily News reported last month that
the mayor was bunking in the 32nd-floor pad.
The move will cost Giuliani $1,800 a month in
child support for his kids, Andrew, 15, and
Caroline, 11, retroactive to May. Friends say the
mayor bailed out of Gracie Mansion partly because of concern over
how his marital tensions might affect his cancer recovery.
But it's also clear he enjoys spending time with his "very good friend"
Judith Nathan, who is barred from the mayoral residence by court
 In her ruling, Gische said she arrived at the
 $1,800 figure after noting that many of the kids'
 expenses, such as housing, food and
 transportation, are currently provided by
 She decided that "add-on" expenses - such as
 tuition and medical bills - should be split evenly
 between Hanover and Giuliani. Hanover, an
 actress and TV journalist, had sought $3,200 a
 month for child support, and asked that the
 mayor pay 85% of the add-on expenses.
Gische also denied Hanover's bid for $3,000 a month in maintenance,
noting the mayor and his estranged wife have comparable incomes
and are capable of supporting themselves.
But the judge granted Hanover's request that she and the kids be
allowed to move back to the couple's upper East Side co-op when the
mayor's term is up.
Lawyers for both Giuliani and Hanover claimed victory in the latest
battle in the First Couple's public divorce war. "We are very happy
with the decision," said Hanover's attorney, Helene Brezinsky.
"The mayor had paid no child support since May," she said. "He had
to be compelled by court order to support his children. The judge
reserved for trial virtually all other substantive issues."
Giuliani's attorney, Raoul Felder, said: "Suffice it to say we are very
happy with this decision."
Felder said Giuliani was supporting his children. "This was just to
codify it," he said.
Giuliani stopped depositing his paychecks in the couple's joint bank
account in late May, according to the judge.
And for now, he's living with Koeppel, a
Queens car dealer, and Koeppel's partner,
in a four-bedroom East Side building
with stunning views.
Koeppel said he doesn't mind sharing the
apartment with Giuliani. "We have a very
large place. He has his own entrance and
his own bedroom and bathroom,"
Koeppel said.
He said the mayor isn't paying rent. "He's a guest," Koeppel said.
"He's my friend. Why would I charge him rent?" In her wide-ranging
decision, Gische also:
*  Denied Hanover's bid to force Giuliani to pay the $58,000
    salary of her press secretary, Joanie Danielides, whom he
    booted from the public payroll in May.
    Hanover argued the firings of Danielides and another staffer
    were "unjustified and vindictive" actions taken by the mayor
    after he dumped his estranged wife as the official hostess of
    Gracie Mansion.
*  Urged Giuliani not to move Hanover's office out of Gracie
    Mansion to City Hall, as he has threatened.
*  Approved Giuliani's bid to prohibit any of the parties from
    releasing copies of his upcoming Aug. 3 deposition.
She rejected Hanover's argument that it would be wrong to prohibit
her from disseminating the videotape while the mayor "freely exploits
the media to his own advantage."
Highlights of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Judith Gische's
decision yesterday in the Mayor Giuliani-Donna Hanover divorce case:
* The mayor must pay $1,800 a month in temporary child
   support, retroactive to May.
* Giuliani and Hanover will split the children's private school
    tuition and medical bills.
* Hanover gets no temporary support.
* Hanover and the children can move into family's upper East
   Side co-op after Giuliani leaves office.
 2001 Daily News, L.P.
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