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In the winter of 1978, I was 18 years old and living with my
Grandmother, because my mother didn't really want me living with
her. I was raised the "old fashioned" way, to do what you're told
whether you like it or not. Well, I usually did, but I didn't in one
area. I finally found someone who loved me and was convinced sex was
the way to be loved. After three years of dating this guy I became
pregnant. I tried to ignore the fact that I could be. So I put off
facing this for over two months. Finally when talking to my mother
one day, she knew something was wrong and I told her I was afraid of
being pregnant. By the way, I was also raised not to say the
word "pregnant." Mother went ballistic. So worried about what
people would think. She told me, "Give me time and I'll find out
what we can do about this." She asked someone where she worked and
they immediately told her of Planned Parenthood. Mother made an
appointment with them for me. I had absolutely no idea what was
going to happen. My boyfriend and I planned on being married anyway,
so this was going to speed it up a bit, as far as I was concerned.

When we went to Planned Parenthood, Mother and I were called back to
some cold office. The lady asked me what made me think I was
pregnant. I told her I missed 2 periods and about to be 3. She
immediately had a test ran on me to confirm this. She came back and
told me I was pregnant and again Mother was irate. The lady sat down
and told me, there are options. She said, "You can have this," and
Mother immediately said, "No!" The woman said she understood how
Mother felt. She did not even argue with her! She said, "You can
have it and give it away." Mother said, "No!" Again the woman said
she completely understood. She then proceeded to tell us that I
could have an abortion. I was stunned! Appalled! I was
thinking, "No!" She told Mother of two doctors in a nearby city that
would do this but only on a cash basis. She encouraged Mother. Then
she stopped and asked me how far along did I think I was again. I
told her over 2 months. She said, "No problem." The woman made me
an appointment and gave us directions. She had absolutely no remorse
on her face. She talked about it as if the baby were an "it"… a mere
mistake, but one I could throw away. She reassured Mother that it
was relatively easy and no big deal to it. They talked around me as
if I weren't there for the most part. We were dismissed as quick as
we went in. Like we were a number. I told Mother I didn't want
this, but she told me to shut up.

The day came for the abortion to be performed. Mother was so cold
and cruel. She got the $250.00 together and let me know I had to
repay it a.s.a.p. $250.00 is what a life was worth. I was taken
back in a very cold room that seemed to be only metal. I was given
something to make me dilate. I had to wait an hour so Mother took me
shopping. After the hour was up we returned and I was strapped on a
table…arms and feet. They gave me an IV to put me to sleep. After a
few minutes I could tell I was becoming drowsy, but not asleep. They
proceeded to work on me and I could hear them and see them and feel
pain. Then they had some piece of equipment that sounded just like a
vacuum cleaner and inserted it and began to literally suck the baby
out. The sound was horrific. It was like chunks of something
falling into a bucket. It hurt, and I was dying inside. I could see
some, I could hear it completely, and could say nothing. They were
laughing and talking as if it were nothing. Then I heard them say
something about a boy, so I suppose I would have had a baby boy.
After they finished they let me recover a short time then sent me
home…like a cow ran through the slaughter.

Mother couldn't let me go home too early or my Grandmother would find
out what I had done, so to make it look as if I worked that day,
Mother and my sister took me shopping in a mall for 2 hours. I
thought I was going to bleed to death and almost passed out many
times, but only got fussed at. She promised she wouldn't tell my
Grandmother, but she did. My Grandmother never acknowledged it
happened though. You see, I loved my Grandmother as if she were my
mother. I didn't want to hurt her.

My friends, this has been the most horrible moment in my whole life.
To literally hear and feel a life being sucked out of you is a
nightmare no one should ever go through. Planned Parenthood made
this possible. They are the ones who didn't argue with Mother. They
set this up gladly. Murder. I have dealt with being guilty of
murder for 25 years, and it's like nobody cares…beginning with
Planned Parenthood.

I beg everyone reading this to spread the word and help save a little
baby's life, that God created. Please tell anyone you meet what
Planned Parenthood does to young girls and ladies. They not only
kill babies, they assist in ladies being tormented beyond description
as long as they live, and could care less. Like a lamb led to the
slaughter… If you are not familiar with what Planned Parenthood is
all about please research it. The word says, "My people perish for a
lack of knowledge." Please, don't have a lack of knowledge about
this. It is so very important. Lives depend on us. Lives Planned
Parenthood considers as only a piece of tissue depend upon people
stopping this brutal slaughter.

If only one little baby's life is saved, the pain and hurt I now
suffer writing this is worth it all. The thought of my little baby
screaming and dodging the vacuum nearly kills me. If I allowed it, I
could loose my mind over this…even become suicidal again, as I have
before. Yet, I know God's in charge and suicide is not the answer
at all! This is the condition my mind has gotten to occasionally,
but I have to run to the throne of God to rise above, by His grace

There are two things I did to give this closure. One is my Christian
counselor advised me to write about this in detail telling what
happened, how I felt then and how I feel now about the whole
situation, and then write letters to Planned Parenthood, the doctor
and nurses, Mother, my sister, anyone who was involved, then read
them out loud until I could read them comfortably. Then I was to
burn the letters. That helped some, but the pain is still there.
Then a Yahoo E Group I assist in moderating (
which is for women also) has a site with a memorial page, that you
can place your baby there, giving the child a name. This helps give
closure. ( .
The owner of Shattered Men, Ken Deemer, said this after I told him
about writing this article, "If Planned Parenthood were around 2000
years ago, they would have advocated that an unmarried teenage girl
have an abortion. If she did, the LAMB of GOD would not have been
born." Have you ever thought about this? The only other source of
healing I know of is my Father…God. I go to Him for healing and He
gives grace…times of relief from the pain of the memory.

Again, I implore you...I beg you...please shout this from the
housetops. Support STOPP. Give to this worthy cause. Tell anyone
you meet about Planned Parenthood and the torment they cause. Help
save a tiny baby's life. Encourage others to support STOPP, and
encourage girls and ladies who are pregnant to please not even
consider an abortion. You will suffer the rest of your life if you
have an abortion. Do what you know God would want you to do about
this. He alone is the giver and taker of life! Thank You Father for
Your mercy and grace!

Ezekiel 18:32 For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies,"
says the Lord GOD. "Therefore turn and live!"

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