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WARN:  this is an unedited account by a member of Shattered Men.  This man was raped at the tender age of 16.  I feel we need to leave these accounts unedited as much as possible to really see how this affect men as well as it affects girls.  Please be aware of this as you read this account. IS IT NOT TIME TO VALUE ALL OUR PEOPLE?


My heart goes out to all the deserving souls, men and women out there 
who realize this ugly problem. Please do not be offended by my 
opening remark.

First of all I want to thank the thoughtful person who started 
this group. I also want to tell all the people out there that they 
are not alone in their crusade against this blatant disregard of 
abuse and violence against the male sex which has been relegated to 
the tag of "weaker sex" by the intolerant social and judicial system, 
the conservatives and most importantly, the ultra hardcore Feminazis 
(feminists, that is).

"Society does not have the right to discriminate against victims 
of domestic violence, on basis of their gender"

This might sound like wishful thinking or worse, like a teen 
fantasy. But it is a true thing which scarred me during a most 
crucial period of my life. Although i dont think i might qualify 
as "battered" i think i do as " abused boyfriend". I was all of 16 
years old when iwas systematically seduced and i feel, raped by two 
nymphomaniacal females.
I was an impulsive and easy-going type of person with alot of 
friends. met this girl in high school who seemed to share a lot of 
my interests and very soon we were going steady. Although our society 
is very conservative and relationships are based on some really 
outdated religious beliefs, she was very much into intimate kissing 
stuff as she had been brought up outside the country with her father 
who lives abroad. ( I am from India)

One day she took me to meet her mother ("yeah i am the type of 
guy a gal takes home to her mom, but....") and we had lunch. Her mom 
played the perfect hostess and seemed to take quite aliking to me. 
She kept inviting me regularly to her house. Once, when my parents 
were out of town , she called up and invited me to dinner on occasion 
of her birthday. How could i refuse ? I put on my best set of clothes 
and bought her a present on the way over. I arrived on my motorbike 
and rung the doorbell and was greeted by the girl who was dressed in 
a dark violet mini-skirt and pink shirt. I went in and greeted her 
mom who was dressed to kill in the brightest of orange sarees. I gave 
her my best wishes and my present which happened to be a handcrafted 
silver bracelet. She appeared to just love it and wore it immediately 
and kept thanking me for quite some time.
Then we had a 3 course dinner and dessert. 
Then she did something i 
could never think of. She opened a bottle of alcoholic beverage ( 
most probably scotch whiskey coz the name was Glenlivet) and offered 
me a glass. I never had even tasted beer and so I declined politely 
but was bewildered to see my girlfriend holding a glass of her own. 
She insisted too but i declined again. Her mom said "c'mon a little 
drink won't hurt u too much" and held a glass to my lips. When i 
turned away she said in a blood curdling voice "Listen u son of a 
b***h, do as u are told. today is my f******g birthday and i don't 
need any of ur attitude. Now, drink it" and the literally caught me 
and poured it down my throat.

After that all i remember is the woman and her daughter gave me 
repeated draughts of the bitter-sweet drink and i felt woozy and sort 
of distant. I was on my first 'kick' or 'high' from alcohol. Then I 
was systematically stripped to my skin and ..... well i can't tell u 
any more. It is almost excruciating to recount the story of my ..Rape.
All i can say was it was next morning when i woke up in a dazed and 
inebriated state with a painful sensation in my crotch. Then again i 
was pushed back on a cot and held down by my girlfriend sitting on my 
head and her mother doing unimaginable things with my private parts.
Then mother and daughter took turns on their joy-ride.

When the finally let me go i was a total physical and mental wreck.
It was almost 5 o clock in the evening when i got back home and fell 
on my bed exhausted and sobbing.

It did not stop there. I was absent at school for the next 2 
days.The day when i got back, I got a note from my girlfriend asking 
me to wait for her after school.Well I had other ideas, but she and 
her mother caught me trying to sneak away after school was over. I 
was trying to stammer some excuse when momma cut me short and 
said " listen, I don't know how you felt that night but i and Lina 
here sure enjoyed it. So you are coming back with us to our house and 
we are gonna have some more fun."I tried to give an excuse about a 
tuition class, but she would have none of it and physically led me 
into her car and the rest, as they say is history.

This kind of thing contiued for more than a month.I could not get 
out of this mess as she threatened to talk to the school principal 
and accuse me with indecent behaviour towards her daughter. I could 
not talk to anyone for fear of being ridiculed or reprimanded 
for "silly schoolboy imaginations". More it was fear of shame and 
insult to the members of my family if such a thing became public. So 
I was , as they say "caught between a rock and a very hard bottom".
This was really traumatising. My grades in school kept falling. I 
could not concentrate on my studies at all. And all hell broke loose 
when my final exam results arrived, I had failed and lost admission 
into college. I was totally devastated. My family was furious. My 
cousin came up with a suggestion to send me to a military academy 
school in a nearby hill station that helps first time failures get 
another crack at the college entrance exams through a different 
format. Well that was a welcome change and my girlfriend's mom could 
do nothing in the meanwhile as her husband was due to return home 
soon from his work abroad.
The Rise from the ashes
The story of my recovery

Well my period of recovery was quite memorable. I found 
a way to handle all my frustrations once I got into the new school. 
The change in the environment did a lot of good for me. The 
discipline was quite harsh considering it was run by former and some 
serving military personnel. Apart from that, I liked the daily 
regimen of early rising, runs, exercise, drills and sports training. 
The academics too were good, run by smart, competent teachers. I 
learned quickly, and was ahead of the class most of the time. And 
when the time came for my examinations , I emerged top of the class 
and got personal recommendation from the headmaster to a technical 
institute in my own city.

Astrology had a great impact on my life. I was leafing through 
some magazines when I read something about my sign, Aries. It said 
that the natural qualities of the Aries male was a positive 
temperament, a healthy aggressive behaviour and natural instinct to 
be a leader. All these made me believe in myself and my self respect 
grew and I had a healthy ego.Then I discovered a way to occupy my 
free time with Martial arts. I was a good student and learned 
Kickboxing very quickly. I won a couple of tournaments too. I forgot 
all that had happened to me. The waste of one year of my life due to 
that one failure was soon put behind and I learned to take it in my 
stride. I understood myself and the world around me better. I learnt 
to stop being na´ve and impetuous.

Meanwhile the sweet lady and her daughter have returned from 
wherever they had been gone all these 3 years. She saw me in a mall 
and tried to chat up but I left hurriedly. Since then she's been 
trying to call me on my private phone, pass messages through a third 
party etc. Didn't work because I have a Caller-Id on my fone which 
rejects calls from her fone automatically. Now she is stalking me 
around my house and college in her very noticeable red Mercedes. And 
I am palsy with a bunch of very cool motorbike dudes who call me on 
my mobile the next instant they see the vehicle anywhere around my 
manor. Still , I cannot for the life of me, understand why the silly 
b***h is tailing me.She still has the bracelet I gave her on that 
forgettable night. Well no more playing stud for Mrs. high and mighty 
and her daughter . I `ve got a life of my own. Its time to move on. 
But if she tries to cross my way again, I will make her life a hell 
so intolerable that she will regret the day I ever met her.

This young man has chose to remain enormous.  We respect that right as do the feminist sites although they feel it is ok for their people to do so, but contest that it ever happened if a male victim chooses to do so.   This

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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