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Mary is a very special friend.  She has been abused horribly but has chosen to rise above this and has been writing some wonderful poems which she has allowed me to use here



God's Love

love is vacant and distant and torn
love pulls you apart as you struggle and are worn
it lies and deceives and it burns to the bone
love does nothing but destroys as you end up going life on your own

but wait, they say there's hope
is love possibly real
can it be true
can it really be so

they say there is a God who loves me so
a God who doesn't pull the skin from the bone
they say there is a God who will hold me tight
and not hit and abuse this worn body of mine

are they telling the truth
could this possibly be
should I believe people
who doesn't know me

should I open my heart and let this God in
should I take the chance and let him cleanse me from sin
will he really love me no matter what I have done
will he hold me and cradle me while I cry to him

yes, they are telling the truth
this is really true
there is really a God

who loves me and you

I have turned to him and given him my life
he has taken my sins and made them no more
he has cleansed my heart and given me love
and love for others that I never had before

if you don't know him please come to him today
he will take all the wrongs and make them right if you pray
he will love you and care for you and make things all good
he will always be there and his love is so pure

don't waste anymore time
come to him today

copyright 3/2002 Sue Long
all rights reserved


stand against evil/conversation w/Jesus

Jesus I need your help.
What do you mean I always do?
Actually, I am facing evil again.
O course, I read your word.

I am being persecuted by people.
I know you said it would happen.
I try to respond with love.
I forgive them a million times.

They blaspheme your name.
Call me an atheist.
Attack my beliefs.
Think I am a nut.

You are correct, I must be doing something right.
What do you mean I act ashamed of you?
Why would I regret standing up for you?
You don't understand what its like standing up for you.

Evil prevails over me in situations.
I do stand up against it. Alone!
If no one else stands with me, how can I?
No, I do not doubt your ability to influence them.

I know you suffered for me on the cross.
You did carry my blame and my shame.
I'm not you, it gets me down
What do you mean that is a copout?

What are you telling me?
I never realized my responsibility to you.
I'm supposed to be your voice to the world?
Even standing up when I don't want to?

I am not worried about convenience.
I do not mind feeling some discomfort.
I did say that didn't I?
Yeah, you did stand alone for me.

I can't let evil prevail over me?
What do you mean I have authority over it?
In your name, I can cast if down?
Even better cast it out.

You are giving me charge over the evil?
Of course, I want it.
You command me to rise!
You command me to stand against evil!


double minded

being a teen is not easy in this world
there is so much stuff to bring you down, all around
there are struggles at your door that no one else can comprehend
so don't worry about being "double-minded" for I don't believe you are, my friend

God knows what you are facing
and what you have to go through
just trust in him always
he will see you through

don't believe what this world tells you
and don't follow others' lead
lean on God and trust in him
and with him you will be free

copyright 3/2002 Sue Long
all rights reserved


sheep for slaughter

Oh Lord we're sheep for slaughter
in the world today
satan gladly drags us off
holding each one prey

we as Christians need your help
we are fading fast
you're the Shepherd of the world
give us hope that lasts

Lord your sheep wait anxiously
for your great return
as we listen for your voice
help our faith stand firm

help us be obedient
give us strength, and cheer
walking daily in your word
that we hold so dear

send your Holy Spirit Lord
cover all your sheep
watch us as we journey on
bless each soul you seek


I bow down

I bow down before you, Lord
I know my life is not my own

you gave of yourself
your only Son
that I might live
for eternity

I bow down before you, Lord
I know my life is not my own

forgive me for all
the mistakes I have made
and take me in your arms
and hold me in your warm embrace

I bow down before you, Lord
I know my life is not my own

mold me, and fill me
with all your love
cleanse me, and make me pure
wash me as white as snow

I bow down before you, Lord
My life belongs to You

(copyright 3/2002 Sue Long all rights reserved)


willingness to serve

the willingness to serve you Lord
is laid upon our hearts
now knowing where to start the task
is keeping us apart

give us today the tools we need
to bring a lost soul home
to be with you forever more
our hearts no more to roam

let us serve you willingly
like Mary long ago
a servant you found favor with
a heart that's pure as gold

Lord give us strength to reach about
and touch a life today
not holding back the things we've learned
help us Lord we pray



Lord, help me understand
why I feel so all alone
is there something I need to do
have I done something wrong

is there evil in my heart
that keeps me separated from Thee
or is there sin that is buried deep
that I refuse to set free

do I need to unbury it
and bring it to the light
for in the light the sin will die
and bring my closer to Thee

help me, Dear Father
to see the way
that you
want me to go

help me to dig
that hole real deep
help me to release it
to you

I give my life
completely to you
Please take it
and open it wide

sweep out
all the hate
sweep out
all the anger

sweep out
all the unforgiveness
sweep it clean, my Lord
and fill it with your Love

(copyright 03/2002 Sue Long all rights reserved)


but it's only me


I can't see any clouds in heaven
and there's no one on the throne today
not finding any trace of an angel
or any existence of such a place

I have heard so much about it
and even felt it in my mind
why then now--why do I doubt it
with nothing there for me to find

I am searching for my Savior
I am begging on my knees
is anyone listening to my prayers
the Spirit will not answer me

I have fallen in this struggle
the path is gone--my walk is weak
what is the reason for my trouble
can it be, that it's only me

having walked away from a world I'd known
where everyone preaised the Lord
without a real faith in God, I had to go
hanging on too long and didn't feel I belonged

still searching for my Savior
I will stay on bended knees
still feel like no one listens
no Spirit will ever answer me

I gave up on all those struggles
a path too long for me to seek
so I burst that Spiritual bubble
it just wasn't meant for me

copyright 2000/Sue Long
all rights reserved


when will this end

when will all this end
when will it turn out
all my confusion
and all my doubt

when will all this end
when will it turn out
to be the way I want it to be
with hope and faith and trust in thee

when will all this end
when will it turn out
why must I struggle
why must I doubt

why must I grieve
why do I fail
why do I hurt
why do I bail

tell me please Lord
what's wrong with me
why do I always
turn my back on thee

you love me so much
this is plainly clear
I still don't understand
why you love me

my life is a mess
I've made it that way
I've went my own way
I've done my own thing

I don't want to let go
of the life that I know
it is a part of me
it is who I am

you died on the cross
to set me free
why is it so hard
to let go of me

why can't I just let go of me

copyright 03-2002/Sue Long
all rights reserved


touch me

touch me my Lord like you have so many times before
I feel your love surround me and I want so much more
I give you my life and you're in total control
now fill me with your spirit and make me whole

I have seen all the love that I have missed up till now
I want it so much I'm just not sure how
to reach out and grab it and hold it tight
and never let go of the love that you show

my will and my strength depends upon you
grab a hold of me and don't let go
for I am weak and weary at heart
but oh I love you so and don't want to part

Oh Lord, when I think of all you have done
all my lost battles that you have won
yet I feel your love deep within
like the roaring waves of high tide coming in

you hold me so tight and your love I feel
I am so safe in the palm of your hand
your blood, my Lord, cleanses me from sin
only by your grace shall I remain within

I can't wait to be with you
spending forever in your world made anew
I promise to keep my eyes on you
and I know that you will see me through

Lord, as I carry on in my day
be with me always wherever I go
I claim your promise for I know it is true
that you will always be right here with me, only you

copyright 03-2002 / Sue Long
all rights reserved


To My Daughter

How many times have I turned away The number is the same as the sand on the shore But very time You've taken me back And now I pray You do it
once more. How many times have I turned
away The number is the same as the stars in the sky But every time You've taken me back and now I pray You
do it tonight.  Don't let them say that I don't count cause someone stopped by heart, I felt each tender squeeze you gave, You loved me from the start. Although my body you can't hold, It doesn't mean I'm gone, This world was worthy, not, of me, So I chose to move on. I know the pain that drowns your soul, What you are forced to face, You have my word, I'll fill your arms, Someday we will embrace. You hear that it was meant to be, God doesn't make mistakes, But that won't soften your worst blow, Or make you heart not ache. I'm watching over all you do, another child you'll bear, Believe me when I say to you, That I am always there. There'll come a time, I promise you, When you will hold my hand, Stroke my face and kiss my lips, And then you'll understand. I love you and miss you


 my heart is filled
 with a passion so bold
 a passion I never knew before
 my heart wants
 to pass it on]
 to everyone in the world
 my heart has been filled
 with a passion for God
 to learn of His ways and His Love
 to make sure
 that everyone know
 just how much He loves them so
 we all need
 to have a passion for God
 so our loved ones don't fall by the way
 we need to share
 with everyone near
 of His saving love for all to hear
 don't let your family and friends
 fail to know
 of the Saving Grace that God gives
 for if they don't know
 they will not be
 on the Golden Shore waiting for thee
 stand up for God
 and let your passion show
 don't hide it deep down inside
 for Jesus did not hide
 His passion for you
 when He died on the cross for your sins
 stand up and be counted
 for harder times are to come
 and people need to know who He is
 for without you to tell them
 how will they learn
 how will they trust and become free
 go out into the world
 and do what the disciples done
 spread the gospel to all who will hear
 take the passion
 that you have for God
 and share it with all you hold dear
 don't let anyone parish
 and fall to the side
 because you were afraid to share
 share your passion
 copyright 5/2002 Sue Long
 all rights reserved

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