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The hidden half of domestic violence

How to have eternal life

Whither Manhood And Fatherhood;

Whither Manhood And Fatherhood;
It's Time To Yell 'Fire' In This Theater
by Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.

The electronic conversation began this way. I asked my colleagues,
"Why is it, do you think, that divorced dads have not yet stormed the
'castle' to demand that they be given back their parental rights?

I've been watching, listening and waiting for about ten years for men to
finally become outraged, and act like it. I'm really beginning to wonder
if they really want equal parenting, or even equitable child support.

This condition has me befuddled ten years later ... and don't tell me its
because the media won't cover dad demonstrations - there just haven't
been any of consequence since the PK (Promise Keepers) march."

Their replies suggested a sociological perspective that is alternately
revealing, frustrating and frightening. Their paragraphic observations,
and my interpretation of them, might be thumbnailed thusly:

*  The Feminihilists have propagated and saturated the American culture
with the Big Lie (Men are worse than un-necessary!.. They must be watched,
kept under control, and their families must be shielded lest the men
perpetrate their inbred heritage of acting as patriarchal bullies,
rapists, and molesters.).

*  The liberal socialist media, in pursuit of the ideal feminized commune,
have sustained and augmented the Big Lie and have abridged the "good man."

*  Divorced dads have fought with all of their might to retain a place in
their children's lives in individual court venues. But they have been
pummeled by two intimidating, emasculating lessons: 1.) Men are criminally
suspect in the eyes of the law in a feminized society. 2.) The power of
the State to crush a man's will and future is unlimited and unconstrained
once unleashed.

*  Men have adopted a feminized social persona as a self-defense measure
in the PC milieu so as to not draw attention to themselves. Meanwhile, men
remain individualized and competitive in their efforts to earn a living
and meet their obligations.

*  Male legislators are even more than passive in their acquiescence to
the Big Lie. They have learned that the Feminihilists will tar and feather
them as harassers should they not toe the line. They've also learned that
just one Feminihilist can crush them with the power of thousands, given
carte blanche media access.

*  In combat, men are conjoined in the mission's objective. On the job,
men in the protection professions are conjoined in the collective
plebiscite. But in today's society, men's collective energies are
fragmented. They have no positively defined cultural role in a PC society
to collectively guide and enjoin their efforts. Instead of being the
traditional familial source of protection and moral guidance and unity,
men have been coerced into the disgraceful posture of defending against
their perceived potential "dark side." Acting collectively can be as
dangerous for the male group as for the individual legislator. When the
Promise Keepers acted collectively in their march on Washington D.C., the
cacophonous vilification by the Feminihilists and their media cohort was
ear rending.

*  Men's individualism appears to be a virtual genetic marker, and they do
not easily trust others to fight their battles for them. Consequently,
"men's groups" and the "fatherhood movement" are typically regarded with
reservation, if not outright suspicion, and go unfunded as a result.
Consequently, the pro-male, pro-dad information vital to organizing and
energizing those outside the goes unpublished.

*  Ironically, the most visible response of the demonized male has not
been one of angry defense, nor strident reprisals. Instead, we have
witnessed the phenomenon of the "good but silent" man. Today's male has
receded to the background, acquiescing to constitutional aberrations like
sexual-harassment laws and the Violence Against Women Act.

Following 9/11, several columnists have trumpeted the Return of the Guy!,
or alternately, Suddenly, it's cool again to be a man.

Not true. What is cool is to be a fireman, policeman, or special ops
soldier. Let's be clear, it's the job, not the man that's cool. The
insufficient return of the "guy" is only in the use of the terms fireman
(instead of firefighter) and policeman (instead of police officer). And
that has most likely targeted these groups for a future smear campaign by
the Feminihilists. Look for a proliferation of harassment, battering, and
deadbeat stories involving these men.

The Big Lie has so contaminated the social perception of men, and so
threatened the sexual relationship between men and women, that men have
become emasculated. Lest they be called "Deadbeats", men pay usurious
rates of child support that have been aptly termed de facto alimony. Lest
they be called "batterers", men are cloaking themselves in the
soft-spoken, milquetoast persona of the sensitive man. Lest they be called
"homophobic", men are conceding their children to the sexual aberrations
of the sodomy lobby. And lest they be called "patriarchal" men are
collectively permitting "family" courts to rescind their constitutionally
guaranteed parental rights, substituted with a court order redistributing
their income to the person whose goal is to kidnap their children.

"Parental rights protect the interests of parents and children in a
relationship that is natural and independent of the existence of a state;
...Critically for doctrinal purposes, this is the interpretation the
Supreme Court appears to accept in holding that '[i]t is cardinal with us
that the custody, care and nurture of the child reside first in the
parents, whose primary function and freedom include preparation for
obligations the state can neither supply nor hinder.' ... These rights are
typically and systematically suspended or denied in divorce proceedings."
- Parental Rights and Due Process

There are two social prohibitions with which I am ordinarily in agreement.
The first is the admonition that black people are the gatekeepers for the
use of the word "nigger" in social intercourse. The second is that you
don't yell "fire" in a crowded theater. But there are exceptions.

In Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain uses the slang derivation of Negro to
signify the racist dehumanization of black Americans by Southern whites.
So it is when I use that term to signify the sexist criminalization of
American males - mostly the white ones. The facts are these. Feminihilism
has portrayed "man-as-nigger" in the same vituperative manner that racists
portrayed (primarily male) blacks. When a feminist says "man", society
hears "manigger."

Contemporary Feminihilist bigotry has appended to white men the kind of
vicious, mindless bigotry that was once appended to pre/post-civil rights
black men:

*  The classic antebellum racist myth, at times overt, and at other times
as a whispering campaign, characterized black men as shiftless, sexually
preoccupied rapists, lying in wait to attack white women.

In one of its most perverse anti-male jeremiads - just when the
anti-racism civil rights campaign was building to a crescendo - the
feminihilist propaganda arm was fabricating the sexist Big Lie. Remember
the "date-rape" and "Super Bowl Sunday domestic violence" myths?
Portraying fathers as shiftless deadbeats, and men in general as potential
rapists and batterers led to the successful institutionalization of two
constitutional aberrations - the VAWA and Child Support Enforcement

*  Prior to July 1868, and the ratification of the 14th Amendment to the
United States Constitution, the southern states had restricted voting
rights to blacks and relegated black men to the status of a 3/5ths person
in determining congressional representation. Prior to that, the 13th
Amendment abolished slavery or involuntary servitude, guaranteed due
process, and prevented the denial of equal protection under the law. It
was the cause of the civil rights movement of the sixties and beyond that
blacks should realize the full rights and benefits of those amendments.

Simultaneously, the feminihilists succeeded in eliminating those same
constitutional guarantees when dads are sued for no-fault divorce. Divorce
courts have become "administrative" procedures, foregoing the due process
clause. And when dads are stripped of their parenthood, they are clearly
less than a 3/5ths person ... they are a 1/7th person, or less in standard
visitation terms - something on the order of a distant cousin, or
programmable toaster. In yet another flagrant constitutional abeyance, or
"child support enforcement", these maniggers are reduced to involuntary
servitude and threatened with debtor's prison should they fail to tote dat
bale. Divorced dads have been made sharecropper parents.

*  Again, at the beginning of the civil rights movement, and in what some
portrayed as a pseudo-reparations measure, the Great Society magnanimously
extended AFDC (aid for dependent children) to impoverished black families.
"Families", that is, until the USDHHS mandated that such aid was
contingent upon the "no man in the house" rule. In the ensuing years
illegitimate birth rates in the black community exploded, and the
percentage of black children living in a two-parent family went from 67%
to 33.3%. Paralleling the loss of fathers in the home, the population of
imprisoned black men went from half that of white men in 1960, to 120%
that of white men in the year 2000. While the number of white men
imprisoned in 2000 jumped 330% from 1960, the number of black men leapt

USDHHS has magnanimously extending its assistance to white families in a
de facto extension of the no man in the house rule for divorcing white
women. CPS (Child Protective Services) has become the Gestapo arm of the
women's movement. With its anti-male and anti-family agenda, CPS has
become an out of control socialist agency dedicated to removing America's
children to the foster-care commune where they may languish for years
before being unleashed on society. If properly asked, and sometimes with
the unwarranted insistence of the courts, DHHS and CPS will provide the
divorcing mother an attorney, and if deemed necessary, a legion of social
workers and psychologists to assist the mother in evicting dad ... and
keeping him out. In 1960, the number of children involved in divorce was
about 463 thousand. When the "women's movement" reached full acceleration
by 1975 that number nearly tripled to 1.1 million. A recent news release
announced that like the inner city ghettos, the city suburbs are now
populated largely by singles and single-parent "families."

We are witnessing history rhyming with itself, except that just like 9/11,
it is right here on our shores. Manigger passivity in response to these
intimidation tactics may lend itself well to an individualistic attempt at
self-preservation, but it is tantamount to societal suicide to remain AWOL
in the uncivil culture wars.

The "Nihilist" revolution in 1860s Russia featured terrorism and
assassination. The Feminihilist revolution in post-1960s America features
sexual terrorism and male character assassination.

The "Nazi" reign in Hitler's Germany featured the Hitler Youth. As
reported on the History channel:

"With girls as with boys, Hitler exploited their generally unformed minds
and their need for attention, companionship and adventure. 'The seducer,'
notes the narrator, 'ignored their minds and played on their feelings.' -
10/00 - Hitler's Special Children"

The Socialist, Feminihilist reign in the U.S. features the U.S. Department
of Education and the NEA (teacher's union). Boys are being placed in
pharmacological straightjackets; there is zero tolerance for "sexual
harassment" - in elementary schools for Pete's sake; "violent" playground
games (dodgeball) are being eliminated; cops and robbers games are
verboten; but the real outrage is that simultaneously our children are
being inundated with sexual provocation and systematically propagandized
into believing that homosexuality is as normal as mom and apple pie.

Yoh! Manigga. That "yas massa" passivity may temporarily avert a whippin',
but in the long run it is just a big sign on your back that says,
doormat - wipe your feet here. Is that the role model you wish to be for
your kids - daddy doormat? Is that better than daddy deadbeat?

It's time to understand and recognize that the appropriate response to
Socialist and Feminihilist intimidation and terror tactics is not
passivity. It's time to recognize and understand that outrage and publicly
visible demands and demonstrations, which demand reinstatement of the
constitution, are patriotism, not patriarchy. Demanding that our children
be protected from aberrant sexual deathstyles and sexual hedonism is
neither homophobic nor Victorian; it is an appropriate exercise of
parental responsibility and moral authority.

It's time to attack the forces that are trying to destroy the American
culture. It's time for men to aggressively retake manhood and fatherhood
from the usurpers. It's time to take your children back from the
socialists, the sexual hedonists and the sodomy lobby. It's time to tell
the Feminihilists to just shut up, and stop calling men vicious names.
It's time to raise some legal hell that makes your voice heard.

It's time to yell fire in this overcrowded theater.


To comment on this article or express your opinion directly to the author,
you are invited to e-mail Dr. Rowles at .

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D. [Clinical Psychology] is the founder and president
of the DA*DI [ ] a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit.
Since founding DA*DI in 1994, he has been devoted to researching, advising
and disseminating information on the issues that he believes threaten to
engulf and diminish the American culture; the same issues that are driving
the divorce industry and the deconstruction of the family and fatherhood.
DA*DI's latest campaign proclaims Dads Have The Right Stuff.
E-Mail Gerald at

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