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Some Comments from MEN on this ad:

To the staff at

I find the product "Training Treats for Husbands" (Item #157304) to be offensive and insulting to men. The ad goes on to say "Treat him like a king, train him like a dog," and compares rewarding men's good behavior with a chocolate treat to rewarding a dog with a dog biscuit.

Perhaps this was someone's idea of a joke and you will wonder where my sense of humor is. However, I wonder if you would have created a product for husbands to reward their wife's good behavior with the caption "Treat her like a queen, train her like a dog." Probably not, as most companies have been cowed by the feminist movement into producing only anti-male ads (with few exceptions).

Anyway, I thought that I would give you the opportunity to see how your catalog is perceived by some men in the hopes that you will cease to produce products and ads that are demeaning to men. Alienating half the population can't be good for business.

My Comment to them

I am the director of Shatterd Men and I have noted your ad suggested MEN be trained like dogs. If men were to even suggest this be done with women, it would be called DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. However I guess it is ok for women to "train" men? Remember also that this is domestic Violence Awareness Month and although we will not hear it, as many men are victims as are women.

This will be added to our mailing list and I assure you, that if we do not see a retraction we will not be pleased with your company. It is not funny as I know of many men that have committed suicide because of the way men are being treated by our society. Perhaps this ad could be the straw that breaks one of them.

A Comment from another regarding this message.  It shows the level of 

Perhaps I am just underreacting, but I have seen ads far worse than this one many times in the past. Through the Men's Media Network we protested Halmark Cards for selling cards celebrating the murder of men. There were other ads and products from various companies, many for t-shirts advocating anti-male hate and violence, that we tried to protest. Misadric violence also has found its way into comics and cartoons. One of the serious comics, doctor something or other, showed a woman kicking a male character in the testicles and he indicated he was permanently injured, or "ruined." She said, "Good." She was the hero, by the way. This was a mainstream strip, I just can't think of the title. I wrote to the two writers and one of them wrote back saying there was nothing wrong with it because it was sexual violence against males, which as everyone knows, is not wrong. Now Disney has a cartoon movie with it in it to add to their long list of live action movies encouraging sexual abuse and mutilation, always only of males. There is a lot to protest. I think this ad was small time compared to what I've been seeing and protesting in the past. Not that I'm trying to discourage you from making your feelings known. It certainly needs to be, but there is a lot of anti-male hate being marketed openly and freely. Once you start noticing it you may never run out of reasons to protest. It is all over the place now.

One thing to keep in mind, with movies and TV shows at least they don't withdraw this kind of hate when men protest. They do the opposite. If you watched it and protested then they know you are watching. So they show more. We protested like hell against ABC's misnamed 'America's Funniest Home Videos' because they were not only showing sexual violence against males each week, once even showing a man who was obviously castrated in the accident, but they were encouraging viewers to laugh whenever this happens. Their response was to increase the amount of this that they showed. They created a special 'groin shot' episode featuring nothing else but anti-male sexual violence videos and they created an ad where they jokingly said they were not showing those anymore in response to protests. Then they said, "Just kidding" and showed a stream of clips of males being injured in the genitals. The message was very clear. Sometimes you'll find that the people responsible for the misandry don't care how it affects sales or ratings. They have a different agenda and when they find that it is upsetting males it simply spurs them on. What seems to have the greatest impact is when females complain about it. With ABC at least, the heads of the network openly indicated that they didn't care if any males were tuning in at all. They were only focusing on bringing in female viewers. Hatred of males and sexual violence against males was one way they chose to attract female viewers.

Anyway, protesting the ad is fine, but watch closely how they respond, if they respond at all. You may find that you are not dealing with business minded people, but instead with feminists whose primary goal is to spread hatred of males. You being upset will not discourage them at all. So you'll then have to find another way, such as going over their heads when possible.

Good luck.

I received the following reply in the mail from Potpourri Collection today:

"Thank you so much for taking the time to write and let us know of your dissatisfaction with the "Training Treats for Husbands" item from our Potpourri Collection catalog. Comments and suggestions regarding our catalog are always appreciated whether they are in the form of constructive criticism, suggestions or views on our merchandise.

I am very sorry that we have disappointed you. Our mission is "Customer Satisfaction." Your comments are appreciated and a review of the item "Training Treats for Husbands" will be critiqued by our Potpourri buyers.

The carrying of this item in our catalog was meant as humorous and jovial, and we are sorry that you have found this item offensive.

Potpourri Collection has been in business for many, many years and have built our business on customer satisfaction and while we realize that we cannot please all or our customers we do take a complaint regarding one of our products seriously."

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