Shat  terd



The hidden half of domestic violence

How to have eternal life



my life before Jesus

was solemn and bare

it was dark and dank

there was no light there


the emptiness existed

all through my soul

a void so endless

that none could console


I searched and I searched

for some meaning to life

but no matte where I turned

no answers were there


so I sunk down deep

into the great abyss

where only dark souls lived

and where no one cared


I done my own thing

and I went my own way

not thinking of anyone else

or the price that I would pay


the darkness consumed me

clear deep down in

it was a fire raging

that no one could put to end


the darkness it took me

through hell and back

and I ate of the fruits

from the evil one's sack


then one day it came

a voice clear and true

it said, "I love you,

and from you I won't turn."


"I will not leave you,

no matter what you have done.

I am here, come to me,

I am your Father, come on home."


I fell to my knees

and confessed all my sins

and the people that He sent

helped me get back to Him


Ken and Elise,

and Brenda and Bridge,

were all sent to help

bring a low sinner in


my heart was filled that day

with a light so bright

it shone through all

and the darkness left in fright


I tell you truly

when that light shines

there will be no doubts

of His love for His child


now troubles still will come

and troubles still will go

but Jesus will be there

to comfort your soul


so turn to Him today

please don't delay

fall on your knees

and humbly pray


He will take all the darkness

and turn it to light

you will know what is right

and He'll give you strength to fight


don't delay any longer

or it may be too late

for this time will some day end

then hell will be your fate



copyright 4/2002  Sue Long

all rights reserved

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