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Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy

Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy (MSP), in which subjects injure or induce illness in children in order to gain attention and sympathy for themselves. Since its
recognition by the criminal justice community, MSP has been identified most closely with mothers who induce in their children breathing difficulties that mimic the symptoms of apnea and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), who poison them, or who fabricate illnesses in their children. These mothers then bask in the attention afforded them by relatives, doctors, and hospital personnel.

However, because the child's illness has no medical cause, doctors have difficulty making a diagnosis.  MSP may occur when the perpetrator of Munchausen's Syndrome
crosses over the threshold of self-inflicted injury into abuse of an unsuspecting child. Oftentimes, the caregivers (offenders) claim that injuries to the child were
inflicted by a fictitious bad guy. In some instances, offenders injure them-selves in order to substantiate the presence of this unknown perpetrator. Cautious, diligent investigation of these allegations often leads to dead ends based on a series of false crime reports.

Domestic Violence shelters suspected MSP offenders who believe that they are being watched, have been accused of MSP abuse, or sense the need for self-vindication
might seek assistance by accessing public shelters provided for victims of domestic violence. In such cases, offenders rely on their highly developed skills of
deception.  Because personnel working at these shelters function for the protection and assistance of traumatized women, they might be reluctant to question an incoming client's account of victimization.

This situation highlights the need for a concrete investigative protocol when suspicion falls on an MSP offender.  Once a woman gravitates to an abuse shelter, police access might be difficult, and the support system in the shelter will reinforce her fictitious explanation of the child's injuries or illness. While in the shelter, the victim temporarily might be spared from further injury to strengthen the mother's claim that another person is the source of the abuse. However, the child's reprieve usually ends when the offender must leave the
shelter and once again is alone with the victim.

A story in the paper today urged pediatricians to ask for reviews of infant deaths. This story recited a report in England that documented 30 out of 39 hospitalized children being nearly killed by "parents" trying to suffocate their children. It is interesting this report cites "parents" when if I remember right, it was the mother in all cases. There were other wherein urine and other chemicals were injected into IV's. All of this was caught on hidden cameras. It is odd that if 51% of these people were fathers...the article would have said "fathers" Or is it (odd that is?)
I post this here because mothers get full custody in 92% of all contested custody cases... but it is for the "good of the children" SHARED PARENTING is by far the BEST route to go in case parents can not set aside their differences. Shared parenting has resulted in much fewer divorces when one party is not assured they will keep the home, the car and the kids while the other party gets the bills.

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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