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28 Switching Characteristics


2.Pressure inside the head

3.Stiff neck - (usually not as intense as with memory retrieval)

4.Pressure at the base of the head - (less intense than with memory retrieval)

5.Pupil dilation

6.Pressure behind the eyes

7.Blurry vision - (clears, then becomes blurry)

8.Eyes become - (watery or glassy, glazed in appearance)

(eyes can also appear reddened without memory retrieval. Reddened

eyes without memory symptoms means that a part is funtioning that has

repressed materials attached to it.)

9.Eyes more sensitive to light

10.Lightheadedness or dizziness


12.Ears ring

13.Physically feeling shorter than usual

14.Emotionally feeling more child-like

15.Mood swing - a change in mood

16.Thought pattern change - thoughts change about same subject and your

response changes with it

17.Feelings and emotions change - change about same situation

18.Objects and people look different - dimensions are off, colors can

look brighter or dimmer.

19.Body looks and feels detached

20.Face looks and feels deteched

21.Face looks different in the mirror

22.Laughter changes - different laughs, subtle different to flagrant

23.Light in a room changes to suddenly brighter or dimmer

24.Fainting feelings - physically like you might lose consciousness

25.Inability to concentrate and think clearly

26.Urgency to "do something"

27.Thoughts become louder

28.Orchestra of thoughts or "conversations", all with opposing views

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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