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We at Shattered Men have been determined from the on set of this ministry not to turn anyone away that was hurting from past or present abuse in any way.  It has been my plan to write something on this for our web site for several weeks.  Last night, I realizes the urgency of doing so.  You see, last night we had our regular scheduled chat time and we had several people with MPD present.  We will discuss MPD in detail shortly but let me tell you about something that happened last night in our chat that broke our hearts.  We had a person that got one of the people with MPD to invite them into the chat.  This person then started wanting to cast out "demons" and would not listen to those God had placed in authority in this chat room.  Even after I told him that is was "my chat room" (and those who know me know how I detest saying this but I needed to stop the damage this person was doing)    The only way we could, was to leave our room and go to another one by invitation only again.   It is for this reason we are making this web page for MPD. 

PLEASE read on and learn about MPD.  These people are NOT demon possessed.  They NEED love just like you and I do....but they have never found it... We will be including real stories here too.  They will be "their" stories.  Stories of  the abuse that produced this condition. Stories from both the core and the "insiders" that live within the core person. 

Alters for the most part exist to allow the core to exist. Yet they want to exist too.  When one comes on a zealous but well meaning Christian that the first sign of MPD, they want to cast out demons, they see this "threat" as real as one who would want to murder you or I.   When you are I are doing as much as we can to live for the Lord, and some one tells us just as they did to Christ, that we are doing our work for the Lord by use of demons, this hurts us.  Well folks, it hurts the alters too to be told they are demonic.  Yes, some are.  MOST are not.  We can do great damage when we try to work with someone with MPD and we do not know how.  We can set back the work others have done for months or even years with a few moments of intense interaction without finding out what we are doing first.  I ask each of you...would you defuse a BOMB  if you were not taught how to do so?   Please do not try to merge or blend or cast out demons out of our precious people with MPD.   They have already been hurt bad enough.

Talk to them.  Talk to the insiders and get to know them.  Read the information below and see how they suggest helping them.  But please know these alters are as real as you and I.   I have seen the full gamut of emotions and love and concern.   I was there when many alters accepted Jesus as their savior also.  NO I do NOT understand it, but I do not understand my Lord's Love for ME either.  I can not understand why God would love humans so much that Jesus came to die as one.  BUT I accept it.

I have seen alters care enough for the core they were willing to give their "life" so the core could be well.  This is as much sacrificial love as any I have ever seen.  Alters do not normally age, yet I have seen them want to grow up to help teach others better.

MOST of all, I have been asked by some,  "ken,  will I have a soul and a body too when my host goes to heaven so I too can have eternal life."  "Will I finally be my own person"  

I really do not know the answers to this question, but I sure do know what I want the answer to be.  I have seen more love in these altars then I have most Christians for each other.

I so want to assure everyone that this will not be changing the focus of Shattered Men. It will remain the same as it was when it was started on Oct 31, 1999 but it adds a new dimension so we do not overlook any of our hurting people.   It appears we will be having moderators in our group that will focus on different aspects of this ministry.  Some are not adapted to working with MPD while others may not focus on other areas as well. but I do rest assured that GOD will place those here that HE that NO ONE will be neglected and that all can be able to see that JESUS indeed loves THEM!


May be major triggers below!

(This is a work in progress. It is a labor of love but I did want to get something on line as soon as possible,  It is my desire to be able to let YOU the reader FEEL what it is like to be MPD).  Please pray for our precious friends below, both the cores and the insides.  They are ALL precious in HIS SITE!.

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Suggested Safety Contract

(for those working with MPD)

Safe Haven For People with MPD/DiD  

The above group is ONLY for those with MPD or their spouse and adult children.

More Than Survivors!

Suggested Reading

Babs shared with me a book that she is finding VERY helpful called "Deliverance & Inner Healing" by John/Mark Sandford; if anyone has an extra copy of this please pass it along and thanks! A few on facts on lines ministries are; go to ther Deliverance pRAYERS AND SEE pRAYERS FOR sra! Also and read ALL the stuff about mpd/sra.delivereances/ect. read his teachings on Mpd/SRA/What Churches Need to Hear!/Curses/Child Sexuial Abuses ect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MY MOTHER IS DIFFERENT! by Deborah Sessions  $8.95  Sidran Press......................................

DON'T MAKE ME GO BACK MOMMY! byDoris Sanford; a Childs book about Satanic Ritual Abuse with photos/pictures and very graphic and very real AND how to help all your "little ones!"

BREAKING THE CIRCLE OF SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE by Daneil Rider; I have been in His seminars and he is awesome! "Recognizing and Recovering from the Hidden Trauma!"   

UNITED WE STAND! by Eliana Gil,PH.D! A Book for People with Multiple Personalities! $5.95!



MORE THAN ONE! by Terri Clark-excellent=Christian perspectives like most on here are!!!! "When I am with a person with MPD; I think of the things of God and the things of evil that may be influencing the person. I think of the satanic ritual abuse that often starts the splitting process and the evil of these cults. I think of how they are so skilled at destroying persons, cutting them off from themselves, segmenting them into fragments. When I begin the process of reintegration, I think on these things because I know that while I am providing clinical care, a spiritual battle with the forces of evil is also being conducted for the heart of my patient. To fight this battle I have tools at my disposal that go beyond what I learned in my clinical training. In the same letter to the Ephesians, Paul talked about these tools, which are available for anyone who is a believer. Anyone working with someone who has been involved with the occult and satanic ritual abuse must be equipped with the full armor that God provides. Truth, righteousness, and readiness are essentials. There is so much deception in working with people with MPD that we must always be dedicated to knowing the truth and remain deeply rooted in God's truth. We need to be righteous people. There are so many temptations that if we do not have personal integrity, we may get trapped in unhealthy relationships or be tempted to attempt a quick fix for something that requires long-term treatment. We must be ready for anything and surprised at nothing. Our attitude of readiness allows us to meet the patient's needs. This attitude motivates us to go the extra distance and exert the extra effort required in successful MPD treatment!" Pages 277-278...................................

THE FRACTURED MIRROR by G.W.Duncan, PH.D  A Native Healer........................

THE FLOCK by Joan Frances Casey.......................

PEOPLE OF THE LIE by M. Scott Peck...................................

ANY AND ALL BOOKS BY; Bob Larson, Frank Peretti, Cathy Cash Spellman"Bless the Child" also a hit movie and excellent training video-  about Cult controls/tactics/mind control-y'all watch especially Pops and Babs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok??????

Let me know if you need anymore info.................luv Tee and Crew

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