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Mike's Story

I am an abused husband and I can't take much more. All Hell is breaking lose and when I tell my pastor about it he just
tells me to love my wife more and suffer well. My home and
marriage of 19yrs is falling apart. When I tell my pastor of the abuse, he just tells me that he does not think things are the way I say they are. He has even put my wife in charge of teaching other Christian women how to be Godly
Wives. My wife has been diagnosed with Multiple Personality
Disorder. My pastor does not believe it exist! On one Sunday morning, when I had been severely beaten by my wife.   I was bleeding from scratches and punches to my face, chest and back, my shirt was ripped off and I had swelling to my face and a black eye) he walked in and saw my wife with not a mark on her--I don't hit back because I was taught a real man NEVER hits a woman--he saw me all beat up and he turned to me and said, "What did you do to make your wife do this to you?" That seems to be the general consensus, the husband must be an SOB if his wife hits him and he must deserve what he got. Oh my wife is also a victim of Sexual Assault from her childhood. If anyone has Christian Answers
please respond to   (deleted)  I need help.
P.S. I am also a 23yr veteran Police Officer. Go figure. I fight guys three times my size and win but my wife beats me like a dead dog and I don't hit back. Talk about humiliation!! Her favorite insult is that I am a "(deleted) WIMP"  I think it takes more courage to not hit back or defend myself but now I realize that I have become a victim and now think like a victim-not clearly. 19 yrs of abuse have taken their toll. Somebody out there, please Help.

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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