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The hidden half of domestic violence

How to have eternal life

God's Touch            by Louie Noirot

One day I went to church
god came to me with a serge
he told me he had a plan
then held out his right hand
I took his hand as he lead me
and God showed how I could be free.

I praised him with all my heart
till one day I fell apart
God promised to pick me up
and sure enough he was there with out a fuss
I praise him for not turning away
I know that God loves me from night to day.

I learned a lot and on the right path
and God is in my heart forever will last
he showed me the truth
and will help me through
I love my heavenly Father
he comes to me with out a bother

I love what he's done for me
now its my turn to get on my knees
pray to him and thank the Lord
that I always have a open door
I call to him, he come to mend
I love you Lord Jesus
In my heart you've always been

Written By
Louie Noirot

Are you shattered and scared my friend?  The nail scarred hands can mend your heart has He has Louie's  

Jesus can put HUMPTY DUMPTY together again!

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