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First off I want to start by saying that people who live there lives with MPD are not possessed nor are they demons. Instead people with MPD have a special way of living. I know for me that if it was not for the help of my inside family this body would have been dead long ago. I also want to state that not everyone who lived a troubled or abusive lifestyle has MPD. Some have learned to cope in other ways.

Living with MPD is not always easy. In a lot of ways we see and do things differently. Some of us know each of our inside family where others do not. Some also have what is called co consciousness where they know when another personality is out and what they are doing. For me there are times when I do know what is going on and who is out. Where other times I have no idea who is doing what.

For all of my  inside   family and me to live a peaceful life. We have set up what is called a house within. In this house each of the alters  has  there   own room where they can go when they are not out. Also in this house we have what is called a conference room where we all meet and discuss how we want to need this to be for all to stay safe. It is also in this room that we have drawn up what we call the safety contract and the living plan. We meet and find ways of helping one another to live the best way possible. We bring all of our concerns/complains and so forth to this room. And from there we work things out between us. We find ways in which to help one another. We each have our own chair in this room even those who are to  small  to understand. We never leave anyone out because we are all one family. A lot of what needs to be done is to treat each other with respect . Each personality is as real as you and I and we deserve to be treated as such. We also work together to do what is called integrate. Because one day we know that we will all become as one once again.


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