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Recently, someone in Shattered Men posted a question about Judas.  It is a question I am sure many have had but were afraid to ask.  This is it:

Something has been conflicting to me about [ Judas } who betrayed Jesus.
All my life I have heard it said: that Judas was the man chosen to
betray Jesus' If this is true, then it makes me think and question my
inter thoughts...did Judas even have a chance to say no or change his
mind. If Judas was chosen to do that job..would it not be safe to
say that the event could not have taken place without betraying jesus.

I know that the anti christ is a man chosen to do satans job in the
future and I know that this man will be from an earthly being. and I
also know that this man has to come forth to complete the prophecy.
this makes me not wonder- because he will come from satan through a
human form.
Now the bible states that Judas repented himself and then went and
hanged himself. If Judas repented him self for what he had done.and
threw the thirty peaces of sliver back at the men who paid him..that
tells me that he was sorry for what he had done.
I have been tought all my life that Judas was doomed to hell. I would
like to hear some views on this subject from some of you.

Judas was a man who failed Jesus. But dosen't it seem a little unfair
to hand pick a man to do a bad deed and the man be sorryful for his
deed and then be lost for that deed.
I really would like some thoughts on this subject

Although there were several good replies to this important question, I am including one from my adopted daughter:

I have had trouble with this also for a long time. But I have peace
about it now. I know that God knows our thoughts and intents. With that, He
knows from the beginning what is in us. As for fate, I do not think that God
had "concreted" the act of Judas' betrayal of Jesus. Instead, God knew "for a
fact" how Judas would give in to the carnal man with its greed. He knows the
weaknesses in each of us. God can alter His anger and punishment towards mankind
if only he (she) will repent. Judas never repented of his actions until AFTER
his deed was done. He could have repented after he agreed to betray Jesus,
after the coins were in his hand. But he carried through on his promise of
betrayal. There was space for repentance that Judas never accepted until it was
too late. As a result, he could not live with the guilt.

I used to get so angry with God, thinking to myself, and sometimes even saying
out loud to God, that if we were nothing more than mere puppets on a string for
God then what did life matter? Why even bother to try to live right? If we
were locked in to a fate of doom. But all that was the enemy and my carnal self
giving in to thoughts that would lead me to hell.

We may not understand it all, but we must use F-a-i-t-h in God and accept His
Word, and the Hope that He has given us. His Word is not doom to us that
believe, but is Hope. God gave us a mind and heart to make choices. We need to
make I-n-f-o-r-m-e-d decisions. That only comes through His Word, and letting
Him lead and guide us into all righteousness. His Spirit in us will do that if
we Obey Him.

Hope this helps you some John, it has helped me. God bless.

It is always good to see you post here in SM.

As to this question, it is a very good one that I think many have
asked to themselves. Debra did do a very good job with this also.

Jesus although He willingly set aside His deity, also knew whom HE
was to chose. Because of God's perfect fore knowledge, HE knew what
Judas would do and when HE would do it. It was for this reason,
Judas was "chosen" I am sure there were others that may have been
able to have been chose.

Judas did have a chance to repent and although he was sorry for what
he did, please notice that he did not tell the right person that he
was sorry. He went to the religious leaders...not to JESUS. I am
sure he wanted to force Jesus to become the king then and
there...not to wait for some future kingdom. Just as we so often do
today when we try to force doors open that God does not want us to
open yet...or ever...Judas realized too late that his plan was not
working. Still, in the garden, Jesus called him "friend" He was
reaching out one last time to have Judas accept Jesus for who HE was
and not for what Judas wanted HIM to do.

Too often we go to counselors, ministers, pastors priest and others with problems but we do not go to the LORD.  These people can not solve our problems.  Oh, yes, if they are in tune with God, they can help point to the one that can...but we can also go to the source of the healing...Jesus Christ.  He can take the all of the  Humpty Dumpty's and put them back together again.

We still do that today. We want Jesus to make everything all better
right NOW....we want instant healing, instant this and instant
that. Seldom to we stop to realize that instant anything is seldom
as good as the old fashion way to get things. Instant mashed
potatoes are not as good as boiling them and then mashing them.

I would also like to encourage each of us to stop worrying about "what
about so and so...and start being concerned with what does God want
US to do. Again the Psalmist prayed...sea
rch ME oh LORD....WE need to pray that prayer far more often also.

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